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Yidan Prize Foundation has announced the 2023 laureates for the Yidan Prize, the biggest award in education. Shai Reshef, president and founder of the
Several major universities have stopped using AI detection tools provided by anti-plagiarism company Turnitin over fears that the technology could lead to students being
Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan has emerged as the winner of the Diamond League trophy for an astonishing third consecutive time. On Sunday night in Oregon,
Higher-education providers in England have an “unhealthy dependency” on international students, to compensate for frozen tuition fees and increased costs, a Lords committee report
In a press release on Saturday, which marks the International Day to Protect Education from Attack, the UN secretary-general António Guterres has called for
At an impressive 96 years old, Violet Edwards has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the oldest African-American woman to graduate from college. She
Chapel Hill, North Carolina – The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, has taken a significant step in promoting cultural diversity and language education
France has banned schoolgirls from wearing abayas and males from wearing qamis at state schools in a controversial move. The move, coming as the
University of Arizona is offering the Global Wildcat Award for incoming freshmen and transfer students. Interested candidates can apply for the scholarships at the
Years of disrupted schooling have left Ukrainian children struggling to learn language, math, and reading skills in the wake of the pandemic and Russia’s
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