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Over 100 arrested, Ilhan Omar’s daughter suspended for Gaza protest

Her outspoken support for Palestinians echoed her mother’s stance in Congress, where Ilhan Omar has been a vocal critic of Israeli policies.
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In Columbia University, New York, a fervent pro-Palestinian protest unfolded which led to the arrest of over a hundred demonstrators and the suspension of a notable participant, Isra Hirsi, daughter of Minnesota politician Ilhan Omar.

The university’s president, Dr. Nemat Shafik, defended the decision to clear the encampment, citing concerns for safety and repeated breaches of university regulations. The atmosphere was tense as protesters, including renowned figures like independent presidential candidate Cornel West, gathered on the lawns with makeshift tents, defiantly challenging authority.

The encampment, a visible symbol of solidarity with Gaza, stood in defiance of university rules, prompting Mayor Eric Adams to announce the intervention that led to mass arrests. Dr. Shafik expressed regret that dialogue and warnings had been futile in resolving the standoff. The arrests, a rarity on campus since the tumultuous days of Vietnam War protests, marked a dramatic escalation in tensions.

Isra Hirsi’s suspension from Barnard College, disclosed via social media, drew attention to the personal ramifications of political activism. Her outspoken support for Palestinians echoed her mother’s stance in Congress, where Ilhan Omar has been a vocal critic of Israeli policies.

The response from Barnard University, while guarded, hinted at the complexities of handling such situations within academic institutions. With warnings of sanctions looming, the university sought to maintain order while facing criticism for its handling of the matter. The Student Government Association denounced the suspensions as undermining the principles of academic freedom and dialogue.

Tensions surrounding the Israel-Gaza conflict are rising across the United States, with demonstrations disrupting major transportation hubs and iconic landmarks.

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