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Nigerian social media entrepreneur sets new world record with 55-hour interview marathon

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Nigerian social media entrepreneur Clara Chizoba Kronborg has shattered the world record for the longest interviewing marathon, clocking an impressive 55 hours and 24 seconds.

This achievement surpasses the previous record of 37 hours and 44 minutes set by Rob Oliver (USA) in 2022.

Clara, renowned for her YouTube talk show, orchestrated this record-breaking endeavor aboard a docked yacht in the picturesque Spanish city of Marbella, where she currently resides.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including an unexpected rainstorm and physical discomfort, Clara’s unwavering commitment propelled her through the grueling hours of continuous conversation.

She said: “This record attempt was about bringing together diverse individuals, sharing their inspiring narratives, and forging meaningful connections on a global scale.

“I am committed to amplifying voices, particularly those of hardworking women, and using their stories to inspire others facing similar challenges.”

The marathon featured a captivating lineup of 90 guests hailing from diverse backgrounds and professions, ranging from politicians and business magnates to content creators and actors.

Each interview delved into the pathways of success, with guests recounting their personal journeys and imparting wisdom gained from their achievements.

Born and raised in Onitsha, Nigeria, Clara’s upbringing in modest circumstances ignited her passion for exploring the dynamics of success. Reflecting on her groundbreaking feat, Clara articulated her aspiration to amplify voices, particularly those of hardworking women, and harness their narratives to inspire others navigating similar challenges.

“Even worse, my period started the same day, and I was already having intense menstrual cramps,” she revealed.

“At some point I was literally dripping pee and period stain, but I persevered and kept my eyes on the goal. To anyone who ever reads this, once you find your purpose, go after it with everything you’ve got.”

During the marathon, Clara encountered physical strains, with her voice succumbing to hoarseness from the incessant dialogue.

To preserve her stamina, she diligently hydrated and utilized brief rest periods strategically allotted after each hour of interviewing. Remarkably, Clara even resorted to wearing adult diapers to manage the demands of continuous engagement and cope with unforeseen challenges, such as an onset of menstrual cramps coinciding with her period.

Despite enduring discomfort, Clara remained steadfast in her pursuit, buoyed by the enthusiasm of each new guest and the profound impact of their shared stories.

Massages administered by her support team alleviated neck and back pains, while the novelty of every interview segment provided her with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

For Clara, the culmination of this unprecedented effort signifies more than a world record; it represents a testament to resilience and the profound influence of shared experiences.

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