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Proprietress Advises Parents to Desist from Pushing Responsibility to Teachers

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The proprietress of a private school, Motunrayo Abiola, has advised parents to stop pushing all their parental responsibilities to their children’s school teachers.

Mrs Abiola, who gave the advice in Ilorin on Friday, said that most parents ignored their responsibilities for their wards’ teachers to perform.

According to her, most parents are fond of blaming teachers for their children’s poor performance and moral conduct.

“Charity begins at home. Every parent has a role to play to train their children morally. You cannot depend on teachers to do everything for you.

“Teachers are not robots. Create time for your children and teach them what is right in society.

“Enough of accusing school teachers for your children’s wrongdoing. Be a responsible parent and plan with your children how to make their life better,” she said.

The proprietress of Success Step Nursery and Primary School also urged on to prioritise children’s welfare and moral training than partying.

Besides, she advised parents to operate an open door policy with their children for them to be able to express themselves.

“Don’t be too harsh, give them room to talk and express their feelings in order for them not to take bad advice from their peers,” she said.


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