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Provost advises govt not to scrap college of education, gives reasons

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Rafiu Soyele, the Provost of Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta, has urged the federal government not to heed calls for the scrapping of Colleges of Education.

Speaking at a press conference held as part of the 25th combined Convocations and 48th Founding Day anniversary, Soyele advocated for a transformative ‘dual-mode’ system instead.

Addressing concerns about the potential negative impact of scrapping these institutions, Soyele emphasized the importance of preserving the methodologies of teaching fostered by colleges of education.

He proposed a ‘dual-mode’ approach, envisioning a system where students undergo two years of NCE program, a year of compulsory teaching practice, and then return for an additional two years to obtain a degree in education.

Soyele highlighted the benefits of this approach, stating that it would deepen graduates’ knowledge of teaching, bolster manpower in schools, and contribute to the standardization and professionalization of the education system.

As part of the two-in-one ceremony, various events are scheduled, including a health awareness programme, musical presentations, convocation play, and a novelty match.

The convocation lecture, to be delivered by Tunji Olaopa, will focus on the topic, “Dual-Mode Programme in Colleges of Education as Catalyst for Advancing Teacher Education in Nigeria: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities.”

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