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Remi Okunrinboye foundation announces 200 scholarships for Nigerian students

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The Remi Okunrinboye Foundation has announced an initiative to provide three-year scholarships to 200 students in Junior Secondary School classes one through three across Nigeria, aiming to support educational opportunities for young learners.

In a statement released by the foundation, philanthropist, and youth empowerment advocate Mr Dekunle Okunrinboye, announced the initiative, emphasising the foundation’s commitment to educational advancement.
He added that the inaugural phase would take place in Ondo State.

Spearheaded by the patron, Senator Remi Okunrinboye, the foundation aims to commence the scholarship programme in September 2024, marking a significant milestone in enhancing educational opportunities for young learners in the state.

Okunrinboye underscored the foundation’s dedication to providing access to quality education irrespective of financial constraints.

He stated, “A thriving society thrives on a robust educational system nurturing the minds and talents of its youth. I’m proud to announce that my family’s foundation will provide free education to students in JSS 1 to 3 classes in Ondo State for the next three years, starting this September.”

The comprenhensive scholarship will cover tuition fees, welfare, books, and uniforms for selected students. Additionally, extracurricular activities, academic support services, and career guidance programs will be integrated into the curriculum to offer a holistic educational experience and empower students to reach their full potential.

It added that the selection criteria for scholarship beneficiaries would consider academic merit, financial need, and a genuine passion for learning, stating that a committee comprising education experts, community representatives, and members of the Okunrinboye Foundation would oversee the evaluation and selection process.

Okunrinboye emphasised that the foundation was committed to closely monitoring the progress and academic development of scholarship recipients over the three years.
“Through mentorship sessions, progress assessments, and tailored support services, the foundation aims to ensure that each student receives the guidance and resources needed to excel academically and fulfill their aspirations,” he said.

Principal of Adedewe College, Owo, Mr Chris Schwelbs, praised the philanthropist for his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to youth education.
He described the initiative as a game-changer for students and the community, expressing excitement about partnering with the foundation to ensure the program’s success.

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