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Salis Advocates Education Financing Through EDUBONDS System

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The governorship candidate of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in 2019 general election in Lagos State, Chief Owolabi Salis, has advocated for the adoption of EDUBONDS system in financing tertiary education in Nigeria.

The United States-based lawyer remarked that the “EDUBONDS system is a fiscal policy (design and laws) for financing education and retaining the educated citizens in the system to help develop the nation.

According to him, “EDUFIN is an equity concept of making sure education reaches everybody, including the underprivileged.

“It is a creative design of a highly efficient and effective financial mechanism that draws resources from diverse sources to enhance the educational capacity of the citizens.”

While reiterating that it is designed for the rich and poor, and focused on three operational keywords: Wish, Capacity, and Access (WCA) which entail that a student who wishes to be educated in a particular field and possesses the capacity to undergo the desired field of study should have access to fund.

He further stated, “The project is based on the empirical self-evident fact that the most valuable security in the world is knowledge; it is how we transform vision into values. And because it is the most valuable treasure ever conceivable, it should be well-financed, sustained, intensified, nurtured, and elevated to greater heights than ever, for self-fulfillment and the benefit of the larger humanity.

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