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Six Ways To Make Money As A Student In The Universities

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Are you a student tired of demanding for money from home? Do you want to make legit money while you are still schooling and you don’t know how to go about it? Do you want to save yourself from the embarrassment of been fed by your parents even after school graduation?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then this post is meant for you.

What makes me like youths of nowadays is that, they don’t seek for permission from anyone to be successful. They neither wait for their parents nor teachers to teach them how to be successful. They just take action and that is all.

The truth is that, waiting for after graduation to start searching for job is a big waste of time. We already have over 50million unemployed youths plus millions of underemployed. This ugly situation has forced many students to continue searching for various ways in order to be self sustained during and after school.

This article is intended to show you six difference ways in which you can start earning money as a University/Polytechnic or College of education student in Nigeria.

Most of the ideas I will be sharing here are for both old and new students who just want to resume school. The business ideas demanded for little or no capital investment. So don’t worry about raising huge capital to start immediately. Below are ways in which you can earn money as a student in Nigeria.

  1. Help Students to Sell Their Used Phone/Gadgets Online/Offline:

I don’t need to tell you that, one of the places where best phones and laptops are used is in universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria. You see students with expensive phones and other gadgets you could never imagined.

Often time, students found searching for who to buy their used gadget or exchange it for another. You can establish yourself as a trustworthy reseller who can help them sell or buy specific used gadget within the school premises and get your own commission from the both parties.

In most cases, you don’t need to be in position of their phones; you only need to connect the person in need of phone and the seller. At the end of the deal, you get your own commission and move on.

You can also make cash by helping people to sell their used or unwanted materials on OLX, JIJI, MOBOFREE and get paid for your service after the deal is done.

       2. Home Lesson/Tutorial for Students:

As a student, you should be able to set aside few hours per week as a private home teacher for primary and secondary school students. This will definitely not take much of your time, probably five hours in a week and can earn you up to N20000 or more per month.

You can put up a short advert on school’s notice board, walkways on your private teaching for kids and the rate. You will definitely get lecturers or staff who will want to engage their children for such.

In case you don’t want to go far, you may also offer to teach fellow Students on an hourly basis. If you are to teach your course mate who is really interested in learning, such person will not avoid compensating you financially.

Six Ways To Make Money As A Student In The Universities 1 1

      3. Catering/Ushering Business:

Every Saturday is always party. You can get yourself engaged by one or two catering service providers around. Once they have engagement, they only give you a call to come around during weekend.

While doing this, you can also become an usher. When I was in the University, we established an ushering team and we do get ushering services in many weekends. If we were not been engaged within the school, we get engagement outside the school. Doing this is not capital intensive, it only requires you to be smart and work as a team with your friend.

      4. Do a Freelancing Job:

Are you a student with knowledge of graphic design or writing? Do you know you can earn money from it even while you continue with your studies? If you have a laptop and have access to internet, that’s all it takes to be a freelancer.

Just search for available freelancing sites on Google where you can sell your skills and see how lucrative the business is. You can also place banner around the school premises about the kind of services you render and see if you will get people to engage you in the school.

    5. Be An Estate Agent:

I do this in school and I never regretted it. Estate business is lucrative in the cities so also in schools’ environment. Many students prefered off campus which is also limited in term of numbers and availability. With the level of houses scarcity around our institutions, students always have challenges of getting accommodation.

You can be an agent; you will contact most of the landlords of those houses and agree with them to bring students to them. Since students are in daring need of apartments, you can promise to get them accommodation at a percentage too.

You can also help students to secure apartments even before they resume school while they are at home once they sent you their taste and money.

     6. Be an Egg Supply:

Do you ever take a time to count the numbers of bukas (eatery) in your campus? Do you ever imagine how many crates of eggs are sold in those shops on a daily basis?

Why not think of been a supplier of egg to 5 to 10 of those shops and see how easy it is to earn money as a student. All it takes you is to get a poultry farm outside the school where you can easily get egg supply at wholesale.

Approach most of these BUKAS and tell them you are a student and just wanna make ends meet through this business that you wanted to be their egg supplier.   Starting egg business in casus may not required more than N10,000 from you.

All the best.

About The Author

UTHMAN SAHEED is an academic counsellor and motivator who blogs at myschooltrick.


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5 years ago

nice work just gave me an idea

Abass Omotoyosi
Abass Omotoyosi
5 years ago

GOD BLESS YOU SIR!….Being looking forward to do this things…But i need a mentor,Pls can you be.thank you.

Okokhere Christabel
Okokhere Christabel
5 years ago

I really appreciate you for writing this article….this is just what i needed…..i would love to stay in touch please….i need more guidance

michael tochukwu
4 years ago

well done sir. you really tried in writeup

Raphael flash
4 years ago

this is so nice sir, am motivated

4 years ago

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Livingstone Arinze
Livingstone Arinze
4 years ago

wow i am so engage by your article pls i need more of your ideas on hw to make extre money with out askin from parent or been broke sometimes

hyelladati stephen
4 years ago

thank you, boss, may God bless you.

ibem adakole
ibem adakole
4 years ago

I really appreciate sir tnx for the information

Backdulu pam jiji
4 years ago

Wow dis is jst it welldone sir.

4 years ago

This has really been helpful to me. God bless you and hope to hear from you more often…..i mean your articles. i will definitely give you a feedback

Oyewole Temitope
3 years ago

Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful article…..Kudos

3 years ago

All you have listed is helpful but in some it is not easy combining schooling and work today, if one is too committed to work than schooling, it tells on academic performance of such person

3 years ago


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Chioma okafor
Chioma okafor
3 years ago

That’s very commendable and interesting to know….. I wish I knew or had a grip of this information, But it’s not too late, …
Thanks for the good work ….. May God continue to strengthen you and empower you with more wisdom and understanding.

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