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SSUCOEN lauds FG for scraping 40% IGR deduction

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The Senior Staff Union in Colleges of Education, Nigeria (SSUCOEN) has expressed its appreciation to the federal government for the decisive move to cancel the controversial policy of deducting 40% from the internally generated revenue (IGR) of tertiary institutions.

The union believes this decision is a crucial step in safeguarding the precarious financial stability of the nation’s tertiary education sector.

In a statement released on Monday, Danladi Msheliz, the president of SSUCOEN, underscored the significance of the cancellation, emphasising its role in preventing further strain on an education system already grappling with financial constraints.

Msheliz praised the government’s responsiveness to the concerns raised by the union, highlighting the potential adverse effects the policy could have had on the quality of education.

The cancellation of the deduction policy was officially announced by the Minister of Education, Tahir Mamman (SAN), during his representation of President Bola Tinubu at the 75th Founder’s Day ceremony of the University of Ibadan.

This move has been met with widespread approval from educational stakeholders, with SSUCOEN being one of the prominent voices commending the decision.

Msheliz extended gratitude to President Tinubu for heeding the plea of the union and promptly scrapping the controversial policy.

The SSUCOEN leader also urged Tinubu to revisit and prioritise the implementation of various past agreements reached with the union.

The objective is to enhance the overall quality of education in the country and address the longstanding issues that have hindered the optimal functioning of educational institutions.

As the nation looks forward to a positive shift in its education sector, SSUCOEN remains hopeful that the cancellation of the 40% IGR deduction will pave the way for collaborative efforts between the government and the union to create a more sustainable and thriving educational environment.

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