Stakeholders Urge FG to Increase Education Budget to Provide Teaching Aids, Infrastructure

Stakeholders in the education sector have called on the Federal and state governments to increase the education budget to provide teaching aids and infrastructure.

The stakeholders spoke at the 2019/2020 Graduation Ceremony and Prize Giving Day at the Redeemer TEAP School on Saturday in Abuja.

They called on the FG and stakeholders to join hands in fulfilling the goals and aspirations of the education sector through increased budgeting.

Mr Dimeji Yusuf, Principal of the school said that it was critical for governments and stakeholders to increase the education budget so as to make provisions for more infrastructure toward a knowledge-driven economy.

”We need a big budget for the education sector and I believe the Federal Government is up to the task to fulfil that which has been the objectives of making the budget big for the development of the sector.

“I appeal to the Federal Government and all stakeholders to put in all efforts to ensure an improved budget to tackle the challenges caused by budget deficit,” he said.

“What we are experiencing in some of the schools in the cases of not having enough facilities for teaching and non teaching aids will be addressed.

”They need to follow up with the budget and make sure that all facilities for adequate learning are put in place for the progress of the nation,” he stated.

Yusuf added that there was also the need to address the security challenges especially in the education sector so that both students and teachers can be comfortable anywhere they found themselves either learning or teaching.

According to him, if the security of the education sector is put in place , there will be a good foundation of the education sector which the present generation and generation to come can enjoy.

He, therefore, advised the graduands to always aim high and give what it takes to soar higher in their education in years to come irrespective of the challenges encountered on the journey to greatness.

Similarly, Mrs Abigail Adeyemi, the Deputy Head Teacher of the school, advised the students to continue in the moral teachings passed unto them, while also calling for a better welfare package for teachers in private schools.

Also, Evaristus Azodoh, Zonal Pastor of the Redeemer TEAP, urged the students to inculcate honesty, hardwork and integrity, saying this was the only channel to pursuing greater career in life.

Azodoh called on the students to ensure they focus and participate on rigorous study in order to breakthrough and achieve success in their future endeavours while also developing self discipline as well as establishing a robust relationships with their colleagues.

Mr Salihu Yahaya, Resident Consultant, Exam Ethics Marshall International (EEMI), lamented the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying this has slowed down the education of the children.

“In spite of the challenges, it is important we harness the opportunity of accessing ourselves on the areas we got it wrong and then strive for a positive change.

”Your survival in this area is where you depend on extra skills and this can only be driven by inner thoughts. So you must be ready to solve problems at all times,” he added.

It was reported that the school graduated a total of 134 students from the nursery to the primary and secondary sections.

A total of 52 graduands from the nursery section, 33 from the primary section, 39 from the Junior secondary school, and 10 students from the senior secondary school graduated from the various sections of the school.

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