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STUDY ABROAD: 10 government scholarships to study in Europe

Edugist highlights ten of the notable government scholarships available for international students to study in Europe.
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Europe is a centre of attraction for students of the developing nations wishing to study abroad due to many opportunities available for students, the state-of-the art learning facilities, and even averagely cheaper living expenses in some parts.

Most times, however, finance is usually the challenge owing to the high cost of education in Europe.

Edugist highlights ten of the notable government scholarships available for international students to study in Europe, which is a sure way to overcome the ‘finance’ factor.


1. The British Government Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening scholarship, being one of the most popular European scholarships, focused more on the leadership potential of its applicants. This scholarship gives you an opportunity to study for a masters’ degree at any university in the United kingdom. The Chevening covers a lot of expenses, including tuition fees, living costs and additional grants, among others.


2. Danish Government Scholarship for Non EU/EEA Students


The Danish Government scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students looking to study for their masters in Denmark. International student will have two offers from the government, a full tuition fee waiver and a grant to support the educational and living expenses of the scholar.


3. Government of Germany DAAD Scholarships

DAAD scholarships are for international students who would like to study in Germany. This scholarship is meant for graduates, doctorate and post-doctorate students. DAAD offers grants of sufficient amount for each category. There several funding arrangements under the DAAD sponsorship, some of which are fully funded.


4. Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

This scholarship is also aimed at raising world leaders that will contribute to the United Nations 2030 agenda. It mainly targets masters’ students. This scholarship has a lot of benefits which includes full tuition fees, living costs and, grants and insurance. The scholarship covers only 42 nations.


5. Czech Republic Government Scholarships for Developing Countries

The scholarships (which cover tuition fees and a monthly stipend of CZK 14,000 – CZK 15,000) are dedicated solely to promoting the students of foreign nationals from developing countries across the world. The scholarship seeks to support students obtained postgraduate degrees in a public university in Czech Republic.


6. Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarship

This scholarship is for every international student with outstanding academic records who wants to go for a master’s or post-graduate program at a Flemish University. It is open to all nationalities. The benefits of this scholarship include a grant that will cover accommodation costs, living expenses and a tuition fee waiver.


7. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreigners

The scholarship is hosted by the government of Switzerland and it is meant primarily for foreign scholars and artists (students) who already possess a masters’ degree in any discipline but want to do some further studies. It is a fully funded scholarship i.e. it covers all it costs for a student to live and study in Switzerland.


8. Holland Scholarship for International Students

If your nationality falls outside the EEA area, then you should apply for this scholarship. The Holland Scholarship for International students is not a full tuition scholarship. It offers a sum of €5000 in the first year of your studies.


9. Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships

The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship is for international students from non-EU/EEA countries who want to study in Ireland at the following levels: Bachelors degree programs, masters’, and PhD programs. The Government of Ireland supports scholars with tuition fees and €10,000.


10. Croatian Government Scholarship for International Students

With this scholarship, the Croatian government gives opportunities to international students all over the world to research in any field at higher institutions in the country. This scholarship has a wide range of benefits, from free accommodation and feeding to subsidised tuition fees.


Final thoughts 

Although each scholarship has its own specific details on coverage, requirements and how to apply, there are some similarities. The following steps and tips might be useful when applying for a scholarship to study in Europe;

  • Get the right source. Make sure that your application is made on the main website of the scholarship.
  • Carefully go through the scholarship information to know if you meet the criteria for the scholarship.
  • Prepare all the documents requested in a very organized format.
  • Prepare in advance for language test and statement of purpose in the case you are required to provide them.
  • Most scholarships are generally free to apply, hence, you will only need to make your application stand out to qualify.

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