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How to Teach Elementary School kids Effectively

Early education has a profound impact on brain structure and it can shape the way we think and react to situations. Studies indicate that preschools and elementary schools are very important when it comes to brain development and most of the work needs to be done at this stage. For instance, focussing on developing the right attitude towards studies at the elementary school levels and exposing children to multiple languages and including a lot of games and activities that stimulate brain activity in preschool is very important.

There are a few strategies that can help teachers reach out to every student in his/her class and help them learn better; read on to learn more.

#1: Reasoning is very important

Asking students as to what they think about something or why something happens is very important. The ‘why’ questions help students think and make them relate to the problem. For example, if a math tutor asks why a particular approach is right or wrong, the question will help the student think as to the logic behind an assumption and understand every step in the problem better. Keep asking why to help your students think better!

#2: Promoting mental calculations is important

More often than not, student resort to using computers, calculators and other such tools to come up with answers. Asking them to do it without these aids would help their creativity. In fact, this would be a good time to use abacus skills and mental arithmetic skills and this will only help them become better at math and other allied subjects.

#3: Encourage creativity

Even if an answer is wrong, look for anything at all that might be right in it and be sure to point that out and be encouraging. Looking for what is right will give a teacher an insight into where the student is fumbling and thus help him/her in further discussions.

Also, assignments that encourage students to ponder over topics are a good idea. Assignments could be based on researching popular mathematicians, scientists or poets and going over their body of work and choosing a specific topic and then working further on it. If for example, a student chooses a particular author or poet, he/she will do some basic research on the works by the specific author and find out common themes and then go about selecting popular works and proceed to summarize any popular work or review it. This sort of an assignment can help them understand more about the work of the author and then read the poem or book in question and review it an in depth understanding.

Teachers should also encourage students to seek assignment help when they are stuck with something and offer them advice on how to go about the assignment or project in question. It is important to stay approachable and help when required for after all the purpose of an assignment or project isn’t only to evaluate the student, it is also to help him/her understand the topic at hand better and promote thinking.

#4: Using appropriate technological tools

A teacher today is equipped with a lot of tools such as interactive whiteboards, presentations, animated lessons and software solutions that aid interactive activities. Knowing your tools and how to use them is very important to reach out to all kinds of learners (Auditory, visual and kinesthetic).

Thus, it is important for educators to keep in mind the goal of teaching and letting the subject make sense for students to be able to connect with all the students in class. When learning is made fun and interactive, students react better to it and what they learn at younger stages is very important to their further education.


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