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Telecoms company adopts largest primary school in Gombe

Government Day Primary School is said to be the largest primary school in Gombe state, with a population of 7,119 pupils registered under the School for Basic Education.
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Airtel Nigeria has commissioned its seventh adopted school. The Government Day Primary School adopted in Gombe as part of its corporate social responsibilities initiative, ‘Adopt-A-School’ was commissioned on Friday, March 24th.

The telecoms company in a statement issued Tuesday said the school adopted in Pantami, Gombe was commissioned by the Emir of Gombe, Alhaji Shehu Abubakar, alongside other notable guests. It said that the commissioning followed the renovation of 12 blocks of 37 classrooms and 17 toilets which had now been upgraded to modern toilet facilities for the pupils and teachers.

In the statement, Moses Adejo, the state business manager, of Airtel Nigeria, said: “Airtel is committed to improving the system of education in Nigeria and loves to identify with basic school education where the nurturing starts from.

“This is because we truly believe in the saying that children are the future of this country, ” he said.

Also, the Emir of Gombe, Shehu Abubakar who was represented by Falakin Gombe, Mr Kabiru Tshon, applauded Airtel for the support towards education in the state. Abubakar expressed gratitude for Airtel’s wonderful intervention which was the first of its kind in Gombe. “I am delighted to know that Airtel can do so much to support education in our state. I am one of their subscribers, so I am pleased to say that my line is making an impact in Gombe,” he said.

Sani Abubakar, the head teacher of Government Day Nursery and Primary School, said Airtel was the first to carry out such intervention in the school and the whole of Gombe State. “This is the first historical event in our state in respect of intervention by any NGO or other organizations

”Government Day Primary School is the biggest school in the whole of Gombe State and Airtel did all it could to upgrade the classrooms and convert all the pit toilets into modern water system toilets.

” All the children now use water system toilet, courtesy of Airtel.” he said.

According to the statement, Government Day Primary School is said to be the largest primary school in Gombe state, with a population of 7,119 pupils registered under the School for Basic Education. It said that the school had 135 teachers who cater for their educational needs.

Since the inception of Airtel’s ‘Adopt-A-School’ initiative, the Telecom company adopts dilapidated schools in rural areas and rehabilitates them for at least four years.



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