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Top 5 most educated Nollywood stars you didn’t know about

These celebrities are actors and actresses in the entertainment industry but have carved a niche and become respected authorities in their chosen educational fields.
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Five Nigerian Nollywood celebrities hold doctor of philosophy degrees making them Nigeria film-making industry’s most educated. Helen Paul, Joke Muyiwa, Actor Eniola Olaniyan,Doyin Hassan, and Olayiwola Rasaq Ojopagogo are Nigeria’s most educated movie industry stars.

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A doctor of philosophy (PhD) requires a lot of dedication as it is an extremely rigorous process but it appears this hasn’t deterred some top players in the entertainment industry against the backdrop of a false perception that movie actors and actresses lack a solid educational foundation. In other words, the reason they wind up in the acting industry is because they have not achieved nearly the top academic honours. Several Nollywood celebrities have inspired their fans, followers and supporters with their passion and dedication to academic excellence. Interestingly, these superstars are still actively involved in the business of entertaining people whilst juggling the struggles that come with reading for exams, writing papers or carrying out extensive research work.Edugist has compiled a list of some of these celebrities who are actors and actresses in the entertainment industry but have carved a niche and become respected authorities in their chosen educational field.

Top 5 most educated Nollywood stars you didn’t know about

1. Helen Paul

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Helen Paul is a Nigerian comedian, singer, actress and professor. She is also a stand-up comedian, known as Tatafo, characterised by a voice range that makes her sound like a child. She graduated with a doctorate in Theater Arts from the University of Lagos. She is a professor and head of the Department of Arts, Music and Entertainment at Heart Bible International University, United States.

2. Joke Muyiwa

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Joke Muyiwa is a Nigerian film actress, honourary chief, Ph.D. holder, and lecturer. She lectures in the department of Performing Arts at the Olabisi Onabanjo University. In 2018, Joke Muyiwa was conferred with Yeye Asa of Ago Iwoye chieftaincy title by HRM Oba Ebumawe of Ago Iwoye.

Joke Muyiwa was born in Abeokuta, Ogun State, on 21 March 1963. She had her primary education at the Sacred Heart Convent School and for secondary school, she attended the Baptist Grammar School, both in Ibadan, Oyo State. For university, Joke Muyiwa attended Obafemi Awolowo University where she got a Bachelor of Arts (B.A Hons) degree in Dramatic Arts. She got a MA degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan.In December 2020, many years into her lecturing career, Muyiwa was awarded a doctorate (Ph.D.) from Redeemer’s University.

3. Actor Eniola Olaniyan

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Eniola Olaniyan is a US based Nigerian actor known for his roles in Yoruba movies.
Olaniyan is a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure where he also obtained his PhD degree in Meteorology and Climate Science.Eniola has starred in numerous movies such as Oko Asewo, The Narrow Path, Akobi Obinrin and so on.
Eniola Olaniyan got married to his wife, Arike on July 24, 1999 and their union is blessed with four children.

4.Doyin Hassan

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Born on 13th November, 1969, Professor Doyin Hassan (PhD) is a gospel actor, drama minister, director, producer and professor of International Business Management Conestoga College, Ontario Canada.Aside from his numerous roles in gospel flicks, Hassan also acted in Nigerian Classic films like Died Wretched (1998), Arrows of God (1998), Sango (1999), Saworoide (1999), Agogo-Eewo (2003), Campus Queen (2003), Arewa (2003), Widows the Mourning After by Jimi Odumosu in 2003, among many others. Doyin has also written and directed films like Strife of Tongues (2012), Hedge of Protection (2013); Divided Kingdom (2013); The Hurdle (2014); and The United Church.

5. Olayiwola Rasaq

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Rasaq Olasunkanmi Olayiwola is a well-known Yoruba actor, writer, producer, and director who is often called “Ojopagogo.” He holds a PhD in Language and Communication Studies.

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