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TRCN registrar urges teachers to upgrade skills in ICT

There is a constant need for teachers to upgrade their knowledge, develop new skills and follow the emerging trends in the Information and Technology industry.
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The Registrar and Chief Executive of Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), Prof Josiah Olusegun Ajiboye, has urged teachers to upgrade their skills in in

Ajiboye gave the urge at the 1st public lecture of the Faculty of Education, Leads City University, in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Ajiboye presented a paper on the theme, ‘Re-Engineering Teacher Preparation To Catch-up with Industry’, stating “It is very expedient to see how teachers can become leaders in this new emerging, as skills of yesterday are no longer useful in today’s world.”

He acknowledged that the world is evolving but there is a need for Nigerian teachers to join the rest of the world in acquiring the right knowledge of the new trends in education.

He said, “No teacher can function in the world we are with the knowledge of the new trends in education. The teaching profession is a major driver of quality education.

“It is said that the quality of education largely depends on and is influenced by the quality of teachers. There is no better time to discuss the intricacies of the teaching profession than now.”

Ajiboye added, “I hope the lecture will improve, enhance and encourage Nigerian teachers to gain adequate knowledge of the internet, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and advanced robotics.

“It is essential that teachers are aware of the emerging technologies, without adequate preparation, teachers will be left behind.”

The registrar described the teaching profession as continuous, with new trends and information, “Learning to teachers is continuous because new trends and information are emerging every day. It is essential for teachers to adapt to the changing dynamics of the work environment.

“To achieve this, teacher education must be re-engineered to align with the needs of the industry 4.0.”

He also urged the teachers to be “open to learning, ready to un-learn and ready to re-learn. Industry 4.0 is the evolution of cyber-physical systems, representing the fourth industrial revolution on the road to an end-to-end value chain with industrial IoT and decentralized intelligence in manufacturing production, and logistics of the industry.”


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