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UI gets fully automated self-service banking 

It was established by one of Nigeria’s foremost commercial banks, FirstBank, as part of measures to revolutionise the banking industry in the country.
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A fully automated Self-Service Banking system known as the FirstBank Digital Xperience Centre (DXC), has launched on the campus of the University of Ibadan (U.I).

The DXC was established by one of Nigeria’s foremost commercial banks, FirstBank, as part of measures to revolutionise the banking industry in the country.

The DXC is a state-of-the-art hub that puts customers at an advantage in experiencing world-class innovative banking services and explore the future of banking firsthand.

The Centre is designed to cater to the growing and evolving needs of consumers and the banking public, enabling customers to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, the bank said, aimed at delivering exceptional customer experience and staying at the forefront of financial innovation.

The Centre would enable customers carry out various activities on their own without interacting with anyone, facilitated by a wide range of phased modern banking facilities.

These include humanoid robots equipped with Video Banking and Artificial Intelligence (AI), taking on the role of friendly branch staff; Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs); Self-Service kiosks for non-financial transactions such as account updates; Fast Track (Contactless) ATMs; Interactive Smart Screen to ensure effective and comprehensive consultation with bank sales staff via remote video connection.

Expressing his delight at the initiative, the Chief Executive Officer of First Bank, Dr Adesola Adeduntan, said: “Our mantra, ‘Woven into the fabric of society’, summarises how we have proven our commitment to customers across all our footprints globally, by investing in modern technology infrastructure to pioneer digitisation of products and platforms, thereby giving our over 42 million customers convenient, seamless, safe and secure banking experience.”

Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan Professor. Kayode Adebowale, Deputy Vice Chancellor Admin, Professor E.O Ayoola, and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics, Professor Aderonke Baiyeroju, led the university community in hosting the delegation from FirstBank comprising Dr. Adesola Adeduntan, CEO, FirstBank; Callistus Obetta, Group Executive, Technology & Innovation Services and Timothy Arowoogu, Group Head, Public Sector, West amongst others.


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