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Uniabuja: Foundation offers scholarship to 65 students

A renowned philanthropist and founder of the foundation, Hajiya Hadiza Vatsa, said that the gesture had been an integral part of her life and service to God and humanity.
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The Hajiya Hadiza Mamman Vatsa Foundation has offered scholarships to 65 students of the University of Abuja.

A renowned philanthropist and founder of the foundation, Hajiya Hadiza Vatsa, said that the gesture had been an integral part of her life and service to God and humanity.

Orphans and other classes of the less-privileged who struggle with their education finances were among the beneficiaries.

The offer was made to the students at the university across different faculties.

She said, “I have initiated this a long time ago but I decided to stay low-key, and sometimes I don‘t want people to recognise me or say that I‘m doing this or that. I believe that I‘m doing this for God. It is not how many billions or trillions you have, do you have the heart to give? That is what I have.’’

A cross section of guests at the event during an interview commended Ms Vasta for the gesture. They described her action as worthy of emulation.

Muktar Baje, the former majority leader of the Kogi State House of Assembly, said Hadiza‘s foundation served as a shining light for others to follow.

He stated, “We should emulate good people like Hajiya Hadiza Mamman Vatsa. She has been doing this for so many years; she has passion for it. My advice to everyone out there that has the opportunity and the means is to emulate her.’’

Head, Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Abuja, Prof. Sharif Ibrahim, said Ms Hadiza’s support to the students was a pleasant surprise and a rare gift to the institution.

He added that building the lives of others through scholarship would have many positive effects on the larger society in the long-run.

“Other students have also come to felicitate with the beneficiaries as well as learn from this particular humanitarian gesture so that they can also contribute to society as well as to the less-privileged. So, this is the major lesson learned on this particular occasion,’’ he said.

In his remarks, Vice Chancellor of the University of Abuja, Prof. Abdul-Rasheed Na’ Allah, thanked the philanthropist for her selfless service to mankind and commitment to the institution in particular.

Mr Na’Allah urged the beneficiaries to utilise the offer.

He called on other philanthropists and well-meaning Nigerians to emulate the kind gesture of Ms Vasta, stressing that the government alone cannot fund education.

“I want the beneficiaries of this gesture to know that to whom much is given, much is expected. Be good students; demonstrate commitment to scholarship and character. If anybody tells you that the government is the only source for public education, that’s a lie,” he said.


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