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UniAbuja launches institute to professionalise publishing in Africa

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To revolutionise the publishing landscape in Africa and address longstanding concerns over professionalism, the University of Abuja has unveiled the International Institute for Publishing Studies (UIIPS), marking a significant step towards raising academic and ethical standards within the industry.

Announcing this development in Abuja, the university’s vice chancellor, Professor Abdul-Rasheed Na’Allah, expressed deep concern over the prevailing lack of professionalism in Nigeria’s publishing sector, largely dominated by untrained individuals.

The establishment of UIIPS, he emphasised, seeks to rectify this issue by offering a pioneering professional program in Publishing Studies within the country.

“The University of Abuja’s International Institute for Publishing Studies is a bold initiative aimed at elevating academic standards and promoting ethical and professional values within the publishing profession, both locally and globally,” Professor Na’Allah explained.

The institute’s mission extends beyond Nigeria’s borders, with a vision to significantly contribute to the skill development of academic institutions, private enterprises, government sectors, and aspiring publishers worldwide.

Na’Allah highlighted the institute’s key features, including cutting-edge facilities for experiential learning and networking opportunities with esteemed scholars from the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, and Nigeria, among other nations.

UIIPS will commence student admissions in two intakes starting from April and August, with subsequent enrollment periods scheduled for November to December and June to July, respectively.

Drawing parallels with renowned international institutions like Oxford University and University College London, Professor Na’Allah expressed optimism that the institute would be a transformative force in not just Nigerian but African publishing.

He called upon individuals, corporations, and government agencies to engage with the institute for top-tier publishing services and urged aspiring publishers to take advantage of the professional programs UIIPS offers.

Professor Wolumati Ogbondah, the director of UIIPS, emphasized the institute’s unique role in addressing the challenges posed by untrained individuals in the publishing arena.

“As the first of its kind in Nigeria, UIIPS is committed to delivering exceptional academic and non-academic services to our students,” Professor Ogbondah stated.

He revealed that UIIPS had already enlisted the expertise of two foreign professors, with plans to recruit additional faculty members from both local and international institutions.

Ogbondah invited individuals and organizations interested in publishing to engage with UIIPS to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones, heralding a new era of professionalism and excellence in African publishing.

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