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UniAbuja VC encourages multi-disciplinary research during faculty visits

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Abdul-Rasheed Na’Allah, the vice-chancellor of the University of Abuja, continued his tradition of engaging with various faculties on campus during his regular visits, a practice he has diligently followed since 2019.

On Wednesday August 30, 2023, the VC made significant strides by paying visits to the Faculty of Communications and Media Studies as well as the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

During these visits, he delivered an impassioned address, urging the faculty staff to embark on multidisciplinary research endeavors that would underscore the institution’s academic prowess on a global stage.

Engaging in Intellectual Exploration

With a deep commitment to fostering intellectual exploration and cross-disciplinary collaboration, Na’Allah’s visit to the two faculties marked a pivotal moment in the University’s pursuit of academic excellence.

Emphasising the need for academia to transcend traditional boundaries, he implored the faculty members to pool their expertise from various disciplines and unite their strengths towards innovative research initiatives.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Addressing a gathering of eager staff members, the vice-chancellor underlined the significance of multi-disciplinary research in tackling complex societal challenges.

“We are not just educators; we are architects of change,” he proclaimed, inspiring a renewed sense of purpose among those in attendance.

His words resonated deeply, as he encouraged the faculty to leverage their collective knowledge to address contemporary issues such as climate change, media ethics, and sustainable urban development.

Harnessing the Power of Collaborative Efforts

During his visit, Na’Allah lauded the previous accomplishments of the Faculty of Communications and Media Studies and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

He highlighted the exemplary work undertaken by the faculties individually and expressed his optimism about the potential for even greater achievements through collaborative efforts.

His vision for a campus-wide synergy that capitalises on the diverse skill sets of the faculty members was met with enthusiastic applause.

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