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Unilag final-year student wins EY tax contest

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A final-year student of the University of Lagos, Moyosoreoluwa Dada, has won the ‘EY Young Tax Professional of the Year 2023’ competition.

According to a report, Dada led nine other finalists to come tops in a fiercely contested competition, at the just-concluded presentation of award certificates and gifts ceremony in Lagos.

The report said, “Now in its 12th year running, the EY Global Young Tax Professional of the Year programme continues to demonstrate EY Tax’s commitment to the future of the tax profession by fostering the next generation of tax leaders.

“It is designed for undergraduate students in their pen-ultimate or final year who have a keen interest in taxation, or young tax professionals who have interned with EY for a duration of less than a year.”

At the deadline, 508 applicants drawn from 75 institutions across the country registered for the competition, it added.

Following a rigorous process, candidates at different stages of the competition were subjected to different screening criteria through aptitude tests (covering verbal, logical and quantitative reasoning skills), research, article writing and presentation of findings to an independent panel of assessors.

At the end, only 10 candidates made it to the final stage and were invited for the grand finale award and presentation of certificates and gifts.

In his remarks during the presentation of award certificates and gifts to the top finalists at EY’s office in Lagos, the Director of the programme, Akeem Ogunseni, said the amazing talents uncovered in the course of the event renewed optimism that the tax profession’s future was very bright.

EY West Africa’s Chief Operating Officer, Oluwabusiayo Layade, congratulated the 10 top finalists and assured them that they were all winners.

He said, “Your success story is a glimpse into the future, and it shows what the future holds for each and everyone of you. Some of you will be professors, doctors, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, amid other professions. Regardless of which career path you pursue, the end result is to make you a better person for yourself; and your family and the country will be better for it.”


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