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UNILAG, LASU Students emerge winners of APWEN Lagos innovation challenge

With her innovation project, ‘Capturing of CO2 For Cooling Process,’ Miss Kehinde Adegboye, a 200-level Mechanical Engineering student from the University of Lagos, has emerged as the APWEN Lagos Innovation Month winner.
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With her innovation project, ‘Capturing of CO2 For Cooling Process,’ Miss Kehinde Adegboye, a 200-level Mechanical Engineering student from the University of Lagos, has emerged as the APWEN Lagos Innovation Month winner.

The month aims to encourage female engineers to break barriers, challenge conventions, and devise solutions for a sustainable future.

Adegboye had a tie with Miss Chinaza Goodness Okpala, a 200-level Electronic and Computer Engineering student of the Lagos State University, Epe Campus, also emerged as a winner with 35 points for her innovative idea and solution, ‘The Application of Sound As A Clean Source Of Energy’.

Miss Omolola Olarenwaju, a master’s student, emerged third with her ‘ Smart Cook Stove’ innovation idea and solution project. They beat eight other contestants who participated in the ‘Step out and Innovate’ project competition.

They received certificates and plaques for their efforts.

Speaking at the public lecture and mentorship programme in commemoration of the World Creativity and Innovation Day themed, ‘Embracing Sustainability in Engineering Innovations and Best Practices’, the Chairwoman of the Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter, Mrs. Atinuke Wuraola Owolabi, explained that the day reaffirms the association’s dedication to nurturing creativity and innovation within its organisation and the broader engineering community.

With societal challenges and opportunities, she stated that creativity and innovation enable progress.

The chairwoman noted that the association has proactively established an Artificial Intelligence club for female engineering students and young engineers, enriching them with technological insights. She added that its 200-capacity hall will soon evolve into a hub for resources, technology, and innovation, empowering women and girls in engineering.

“APWEN Lagos remains steadfast in promoting diversity, inclusivity, and excellence in engineering. We encourage all female engineers to embrace innovation and leave an indelible mark on the world,” Owolabi stated.

In her remarks, the guest speaker and a former president of the association, Mrs. Idiat Amusu, expressed concern that Nigeria is behind in innovation and creativity.

She stated that the country should place more emphasis on the environment, the effect of waste generation and reduction in our system, and how these will affect climate change.

She described the day as one set aside to encourage the younger generation to think creatively about the effect of innovation and technology on society.

“We are talking about sustainability. You cannot talk about climate change and its effects without talking about sustainability. Today, innovation and creativity brings to focus what are talking about,” said Amusu. “The focus is for us to step out and innovate, which is what we are trying to innovate into the children.”

Amusu stressed the need for greater emphasis on the sustainability of renewable energy, particularly through natural resources such as water, wind, and geothermal energy sources.

“All these are renewable and if we can harness it properly, the cost of the provision of electricity will go down,” Amusu explained.

Awards were presented to talented Nigerian children who distinguished themselves in the FAEO-WIE Art Competition 2023, designed to demonstrate their creativity and passion for engineering.

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