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UNILAG student receives prestigious scholarship award

Alaoma’s outstanding entry was selected from a pool of submissions by undergraduate students from across the country.
Source: University of Lagos Press
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Chukwuezugo Alaoma, a 300 Level student from the Department of Political Science at the University of Lagos, has emerged as the recipient of the prestigious Maple Education Canada Incorporated scholarship for undergraduate students in Nigeria.

This was confirmed in an official publication released by the university on Thursday. According to the publication, the scholarship was officially awarded on May 25, 2023, at the Office of Advancement, University of Lagos.

The scholarship presentation ceremony was graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including Olukoya Temitope, the Country Manager (Nigeria) of Maple Education and Olabode Mubo, the Business Development Manager.

Alaoma’s outstanding entry was selected from a pool of submissions by undergraduate students from across the country. Applicants were required to submit evidence of their current academic standing and adhere to specific instructions provided on the organisation’s social media platform.

According to Baba Eunice, the Marketing Officer, Alaoma’s submissions stood out due to their impressive quality. “Her submissions showcased a commendable track record of hard work and consistency, which aligns with the qualities that Maple Education aims to support in Nigerian students,” said Eunice.

Mubo, the Business Development Manager, expressed Maple Education’s enthusiasm for giving back to the community through such initiatives. “This award forms part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, and we anticipate more opportunities like this in the future,” she stated.

Professor Ayodele Atsenuwa, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development Services), attended the ceremony and commended Maple Education for its commitment to social responsibility.

Professor Atsenuwa praised the organisation’s gesture, emphasing the importance of rewarding students for their dedication to academic pursuits. “The University of Lagos appreciates this commendable act and hopes it signifies the start of a fruitful collaboration between our institution and Maple Education,” she remarked.

Overwhelmed with joy, Alaoma expressed her gratitude to both the university and Maple Education. “I am deeply honored to bring glory to the University of Lagos. I am grateful to Maple for recognising my worthiness for this prestigious award. This experience has taught me that I should always pursue my goals with determination,” she declared.

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