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UNILAG student shot dead attempting to retrieve school mate’s stolen phone

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An undergraduate from the University of Lagos, known as Adekunle, lost his life due to a gunshot wound inflicted by armed robbers.

The incident occurred on Saturday, June 3, at the intersection of Harvey Road and Moore Road in the Yaba area of Lagos State.

According to reports, Adekunle and his fellow student, Opeyemi, boarded a shuttle bus from Yaba with the intention of reaching the University of Lagos. While inside the vehicle, a man hanging onto the back of the bus seized Opeyemi’s iPhone 7 Plus.

Troubled by the situation, Opeyemi raised alarm, prompting Adekunle to make a desperate attempt to retrieve the stolen phone from the robber who subsequently jumped off the bus and fled the scene.

Determined to apprehend the thief, Adekunle pursued him, but his efforts were cut short when an accomplice of the fleeing suspect suddenly appeared and shot the 23-year-old undergraduate.

An eyewitness, who prefers to remain anonymous for security reasons, reported that the assailant shot Adekunle at close range on the left side of his head, leading to his immediate demise.

The incident took place on June 3, at approximately 9 p.m.

The victim was found with an ATM card bearing the name Adekunle. Further information was provided by a young woman named Opeyemi, who identified herself as a Business Administration student at UNILAG.

Opeyemi recounted the events, confirming that she and the deceased, whom she recognised as a fellow UNILAG student, had boarded the shuttle bus in Yaba en route to the university. It was during the journey that she was robbed of her iPhone 7 Plus by a thief clinging to the back of the bus.

“In an attempt to assist her, Adekunle chased after the robber, only to be confronted by a separate group of individuals. Tragically, one of them shot him at close range on the left side of his head, resulting in his untimely demise.”

Following the incident, law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and promptly evacuated Adekunle’s body, transporting it to the morgue at Mainland Hospital.

The Lagos State Police Command has initiated an investigation to apprehend the suspects responsible for this heinous act.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the Police Public Relations Officer, assured the public that efforts are underway to locate and arrest the culprits.

The command has also contacted the victim’s family, and the case has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) in Panti for a thorough and discreet investigation.

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