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Unilorin shines at 10th All-Nigeria Universities Debating Championship

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In a momentous triumph for the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), the institution’s debating team has clinched the coveted title of “Overall Best Speaker” at the 10th All-Nigeria Universities Debating Championship.

This victory marks a resounding success for Unilorin , showcasing the remarkable talents of its debaters on a national stage.

The championship, held annually and known for its fierce competition, witnessed UNILORIN’s debaters rise to the occasion with unmatched eloquence and persuasive skills.

The announcement of Unilorin’s “Overall Best Speaker” award sent waves of excitement throughout the university community, demonstrating the team’s commitment to excellence.

However, Unilorin’s achievements did not stop there. The university proudly secured the highest number of tournament medals and awards, affirming the outstanding capabilities of its debating team.

The impressive medal haul symbolises the dedication and hard work that Unilorin’s debaters invested in their preparation and performance.

In yet another remarkable feat, the institution emerged as the “Overall Second Best Team” in the championship, earning a silver medal.

This achievement underscores the university’s exceptional prowess in debating, as it competed against some of the most formidable teams from universities across Nigeria.

Jane Smith, the faculty advisor for Unilorin’s debating team, expressed her pride and admiration for the students’ accomplishments.

“Our debaters have shown exceptional dedication, intellect, and passion throughout this competition,” she stated.

“Their success is a testament to their hard work and the unwavering support they have received from the entire Unilorin community.”

The victory at the 10th All-Nigeria Universities Debating Championship not only solidifies UNILORIN’s reputation as a hub for intellectual excellence but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring debaters across the nation.

The university’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment conducive to debate has once again yielded remarkable results.

The Unilorin community celebrates its outstanding debaters and their achievements on the national stage.

The university’s dedication to excellence in debating shines brightly, and this victory is a testament to the remarkable talents and hard work of its students.

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