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Unionism, an important platform for building, strengthening nation’s young leaders — AAUA VC

Ige said the AAUA regards responsible and responsive student unionism as an important part of the platform for instituting a peaceful and stable academic calendar.
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The Vice-Chancellor of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA), Professor Olugbenga Ige, has disclosed that student unionism was an important platform for building future leaders and strengthening the nation’s young democracy.

Ige said the AAUA regards responsible and responsive student unionism as an important part of the platform for instituting a peaceful and stable academic calendar.

The Vice-Chancellor stated this at the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected 20th Students Union Executive (AAUASU) of the institution held at Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall (OBJ) on Tuesday.

He said the vision and realisation of the objectives made the University evolve and entrenched staunch mechanisms for engendering a virile student political participation.

Ige maintained that the institution organized leadership summits every year for elected student leaders to properly induct them into the workings of democracy as well as invited experts to present papers and mentor the student leaders.

“In addition, Management consistently encourages the student body to participate actively in union activities. Management has also given students the latitude to elect their leaders without any interference whatsoever.

“All this and more have defined the success story which student unionism has become at AAUA.”

He paid tribute to the previous leaderships of the University’s student union for demonstrating patriotism, political maturity and sagacity, and responsible and responsive governance.

“Without a doubt, responsible and purposeful student unionism has become a culture at Adekunle Ajasin University. I, therefore, enjoin the new student leaders we are inaugurating today to imbibe the kernels of responsibility, transparency, responsiveness, patriotism, and care for the student body that make AAUA student unionism tick.

“Courage and love for the good of all are the factors that drive and distinguish leaders in the face of pressure, especially during the periods of crisis and uncertainty. As people who hold power in trust, the new leaders must realize that what they make of the stable and peaceful academic stability and life entrenched by their predecessors will determine what and where their place will be in the history of this University now and in the years to come.

“I, therefore, advise you to be on the good and enviable side of history by helping to build structures that will make this University attain the much-desired world-class university status.”

Ige assured the students that his administration is desirous and determined to continue addressing student welfare with vigour. He said students need to complement the efforts by continuing to be peaceful, law-abiding, and engaging in acts capable of putting the University on a good pedestal.

“Again, let me counsel the new leaders to abide by the oaths of their offices and engage in positive services to the University Community.”

By: Friday Omosola

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