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University of Ilorin unveils 40 new professors

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The University of Ilorin has proudly announced the promotion of 40 senior academics to the rank of professor.

This elevation, officially approved by the Minister of Education, Professor Tahir Mamman (SAN), follows rigorous assessments by the University Appointment and Promotion Committee, recognising exceptional achievements in teaching, research, and community service.

The Office of the Registrar released a statement highlighting the scholarly accomplishments of these newly appointed professors, representing a diverse range of disciplines within the university’s faculties.

Among the distinguished scholars promoted from the Faculty of Agriculture are Prof. Sidiqat A. Aderinoye-Abdulwahab, Prof. L. L. Adefalu, Prof. F. O. Takim, Prof. A. A. Badmos, Prof. Foluke E. Sola-Ojo, Prof. W. A. Jimoh, Prof. M. I. Abubakar, Prof. T. H. Aliyu, Prof. R. O. Uddin II, Prof. T. O. Amusa, and Prof. Mutiat A. Balogun.

The Faculty of Arts contributed Prof. K. M. U. Gbodofu, Prof. Y. A. Abdullahi, Prof. Abosede R. O. Babatunde, Prof. Bolanle E. Arokoyo, and Prof. P. U. Nwosu to the distinguished list of new professors.

From the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Prof. A. S. Alabi of the Department of Anatomy was promoted, while the Faculty of Clinical Sciences saw the elevation of Prof. T. O. Olanrewaju and Prof. O. A. M. Adesiyun.

In the Faculty of Communication & Information Science, Prof. Tinuke O. Oladele and Prof. Saudat S. Abdulbaqi were honored with professorship status, alongside Prof. O. O. Okoji, Prof. Folakemi O. Adeniyi-Egbeola, and Prof. Florence O. Daramola from the Faculty of Education.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology welcomed Prof. A. T. Ajiboye, Prof. A. Y. Abdulrahman, Prof. M. O. Sumonu, Prof. Rasheedat M. Mahamood, and Prof. T. K. Ajiboye into the ranks of professors.

Prof. A. C. Onuora-Oguno emerged as the new professor from the Faculty of Law, while the Faculty of Life Sciences proudly celebrated Prof. M. O. Nafiu, Prof. Faoziyat A. Sulaiman, Prof. Risikat Nike Ahmed, and Prof. I. O. Sule.

Additionally, Prof. M. A. Ajayi and Prof. Rihanat I. Abdulkadir were promoted from the Faculty of Management Sciences, while the Faculty of Physical Sciences welcomed Prof. Haleemat I. Adegoke and Prof. O. A. Abidoye to their distinguished faculty.

The promotion of Prof. Monisola A. Tunde from the Department of Geography and Environmental Management and Prof. Z. Jaji from the Department of Veterinary Anatomy in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine further underscores the university’s commitment to academic excellence and leadership in various fields of study.

This achievement signifies a remarkable milestone for the University of Ilorin, honoring the exceptional dedication and scholarly contributions of these esteemed academics to the university community and beyond.

The newly appointed professors are poised to continue advancing knowledge, mentorship, and innovation within their respective disciplines, further solidifying the university’s reputation for excellence in higher education.

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