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VP Osinbajo calls for revolutionary education curriculum in Africa to match changing world

His remarks were made during the inaugural session of the 2023 Ibrahim Governance Forum, held in Nairobi, Kenya.
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Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has called for a revolutionary education curriculum in Africa to match the fast changing world. He emphasised the necessity for Africa to develop an education curriculum that aligns with the evolving world and the job market.

His remarks were made during the inaugural session of the 2023 Ibrahim Governance Forum, titled “Africa in the World: Multiple Assets,” held in Nairobi, Kenya. The session was part of the Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend organised by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

Osinbajo shared the panel with distinguished individuals such as Donald Kaberuka, AU Special Envoy and former President of the African Development Bank, Hafou Toure, Deputy Director of Cabinet for the Minister responsible for promoting Small and Medium Enterprises in Côte d’Ivoire, and Ibrahim Mayaki, AU Special for Food Systems, who joined the session remotely.

Osinbajo discussed the future prospects of Africa, particularly in the creative industry and education. He acknowledged that the creative industry in Africa had flourished without significant government intervention.

Recognising the abundance of talent and a favorable regulatory environment, Osinbajo stressed the importance of supporting the creative industry. He highlighted the need for expanding the space for entertainment, providing credit and infrastructure support where possible. While acknowledging the independence and effectiveness of artists and creative individuals, he advocated for caution in excessive interference, emphasising the importance of infrastructure and credit support from the government. Osinbajo also mentioned the promising role played by the National Theatre in Nigeria, which offered studios for films and entertainment.

Turning his attention to education, Osinbajo emphasised the need for a clear vision for Africa’s educational direction. He expressed the importance of instilling hope and promising prospects for Africa’s youth. Recognising the diversity of demographics, including privileged young people with education and a significant rural population without access to education, Osinbajo stressed the need to design educational programs that cater to these different groups. He highlighted the profound changes in the world over the past decade, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, and posed critical questions about the relevance of current educational curricula in creating job opportunities. He called for a comprehensive reevaluation of educational curricula to align with the changing landscape and to prepare individuals for the available jobs.

Donald Kaberuka, in response to Osinbajo’s insights, commended the Vice President for his contributions to Nigeria’s development and expressed confidence that his impact would continue. During the opening ceremony, Mo Ibrahim, the founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, underscored the urgency for Africa to adapt to the rapidly changing world. He raised pertinent questions about Africa’s relationship with the rest of the world and the mutual benefits that can be derived. The forum aimed to facilitate discussions on Africa’s position and contributions in the evolving global landscape.

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