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WASSCE: Lagos, IT firm honour top students with cash prizes

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The Lagos State government, in collaboration with Chronicles Software, an education technology company, has recognized and rewarded the outstanding academic achievements of six students from public secondary schools with cash prizes

The accolades were bestowed upon these high-performing students for their exceptional performance in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The celebration took place at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in Alausa, where the Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Tolani Alli-Balogun, announced cash gifts totaling two million naira for the awardees. The awards were presented as part of an effort to promote and appreciate academic excellence among students within the state.

Alli-Balogun emphasized that the selection process for the cash rewards was transparent and based solely on merit. To qualify for the prize, students had to have written the WASSCE examinations and achieved A grades in at least seven core subjects, including Mathematics, English, and Science.

“The Success BOX Excellence Award encourages students to strive for excellence in their studies and reach their full potential,” Alli-Balogun stated.

The two million naira cash prize was distributed among the top six best-performing students, with the overall best student receiving one million naira, and the remaining five students each awarded N200,000.

The commissioner urged the beneficiaries to focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), citing its importance in the future. He highlighted Singapore’s approach, where the government financially supports individuals above 40 years of age who learn AI, recognizing its transformative potential.

Chronicles Software’s CEO, Oluwatosin Oluwakoyejo, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting education across all dimensions. He announced plans to increase the cash gift to five million naira next year, aiming to extend the awards beyond Lagos state and identify achievers across the country.

One of the awardees, Miss Jesutofunmi Akintunde, expressed gratitude to the state government and Chronicles Software for the cash gift. She emphasized that the conducive learning environment provided by the state government contributed to their success, stating, “This success is not only our success but is dedicated to the entire system of the state.”

The ceremony showcased the collaborative efforts of the Lagos State Government and Chronicles Software in fostering a culture of academic excellence and recognizing the achievements of students in public secondary schools.

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