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Wike approves 30.9b boost for school rehabilitation in FCT

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The Federal Capital Territory Universal Basic Education Board (FCT-UBEB) has expressed deep appreciation to the FCT Minister,Nyesom Wike, for giving the nod to a staggering N30.9 billion fund aimed at revitalizing public schools across the federal capital.

Acting Chairman of the Board, Hassan Sule, voiced this commendation during a press briefing held in Abuja on Sunday.

Sule, who also serves as the Secretary of the Board, highlighted the transformative impact this financial infusion could have on bolstering basic education in the nation’s capital.

Addressing the media, Sule emphasized that the substantial fund, if efficiently utilized, holds the potential to alleviate issues of over-population in FCT schools and combat the persisting challenge of out-of-school children in the region.

Attributing the strain on public school infrastructure to a surge in student enrollment, particularly due to the influx of people into the city, Sule pointed out that schools in Kwali, Abaji, Gwagwalada, and Kuje area councils were grappling with an enrollment explosion, stretching existing facilities to their limits.

“As enrollment continues to rise, simultaneous attention is required to ensure sustained access to quality basic education for children in the FCT. We are grateful that the FCT Minister has greenlit over N30 billion to address many of the challenges faced by these schools,” remarked Sule.

He further disclosed that the 2023 UBEB Intervention Action Plan would extend support to schools not covered in the current N30.9 billion intervention, specifically mentioning Abaji, Gwagwalada, and nomadic schools established by communities.

Highlighting the achievements of FCT-UBEB, Sule detailed that the board had successfully rehabilitated and constructed over 400 classrooms, in addition to providing training for more than 7,000 teachers. Notably, they have distributed over 150,000 textbooks to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in basic schools.

“Our goal is to reduce the incidence of out-of-school children by bringing basic education to the doorsteps of our communities. In recent years, 18 new junior secondary schools and 30 new primary schools have been established to expand access to quality basic education,” affirmed Sule.

The move comes on the heels of the announcement by Danlami Hayyo PhD, the Mandate Secretary of the Education Secretariat, FCT Administration, detailing the allocation of N30.9 billion for a comprehensive rehabilitation program, including the renovation of 40 schools to be completed within 100 days and an accelerated whole-school rehabilitation initiative, starting with 18 schools. An additional N4.5 billion has been earmarked for the second batch of whole-school rehabilitation, covering four schools.

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