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Zulum approves 4,000 new teachers shortlisted for Borno’s primary, secondary schools

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Governor Babagana Umara Zulum has approved immediate recruitment of four thousand (4,000) new teachers already evaluated and shortlisted for deployment to public primary and secondary schools across Borno State.

Zulum announced the approval on Wednesday evening in Maiduguri.

Of the 4,000 new teachers, a total of 3,000 of them are to be deployed to government primary schools across the state while 1,000 teachers are to be sent to government secondary schools also across the state.

The 3,000 primary school teachers are mostly NCE holders who make up 77. 4 per cent, Degree Holders- 22.2 per cent and HND holders- 0.6 per cent.

The 1,000 secondary teachers include 5 masters degree holders, 658 bachelor degree holders (constituting 66% of all), 8 HND holders mostly graduates of technology, 130 NCE holders (constituting 13% mostly for subjects like French, English literature, Hausa, Technology, civic education etc which graduate-applicants couldn’t be found to teach) l.

There are also 11 diploma holders of science, laboratory technology employed as lab attendants while there are 23 Matrons and 68 cooks to serve students.

All the 4,000 shortlisted teachers were meticulously selected after they proved competent to teach in primary and secondary schools.

A total of 19,305 persons applied for the teachers’ recruitment out of which 10,470 wrote the assessment examinations on various subjects taught in primary and secondary schools.

Six hundred and twenty one applicants scored distinctions (A’s) in various subjects after they were scored while 162 scored merit (B’s) in various subjects.

All those who scored distinctions and merit were shortlisted for recruitment while some of the best amongst those with less scores were shortlisted to teach subjects like French, Literature etc in which they were found competent to teach.

It would be recalled that in February 2021, a committee set up by Governor Zulum to conduct
Basic Literacy and Numeracy Competency Assessment of primary school teachers across Borno’s 27 Local Government Areas had found that of 17,229 teachers who were assessed, only 5,439 representing 31.6 per cent were found to be competent enough to teach, while 3,815 constituting 22.1% were found to be incompetent to teach and untrainable.

The committee found 7,975 constituting 46.3 per cent to be trainable.

The committee also found that Borno had 1,627 teachers with degrees, 8,153 NCE holders, 2,066 diploma holders, 713 teachers grade II holders, 2,281 SSCE/GCE holders while 2,389 constituting 13.9 per cent of all the teachers were without any formal qualification.

Governor Zulum directed that competent teachers be paid minimum wage while incompetent teachers be moved to non-teaching government establishments.

He directed a committee to invite and shortlist competent teachers through rigorous assessment examination, from which 4,000 teachers have now emerged.

Meanwhile, names of all shortlisted 4,000 teachers have been released by the committee on teachers recruitment.

The list is to be pasted as notices on public spaces at the Musa Usman secretariat, at the state’s Ministry of Education, the Teaching Service Board (TSB) and the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) all in Maiduguri.

Shortlisted candidates are to cross check their data to ensure accuracy.

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