12 Primary School Pupils Get Initiated into Cult Group in Lagos.

Written by Akeem Alao

Officers from the Lagos state police command have arrested a deadly group of people whose specialty is to organise primary and secondary school students and initiate them into a deadly cult group known as Awawa. They were able to lay their hands on these suspects due to the help of a particular observant teacher. It was gathered that the said lady who dispenses her duties as a Guidance and Counselling teacher in a public primary and secondary school named Egan Community School had noticed a sinister mark on the lower jaws of some students. She called out one of the pupils who bore this incision and it was from the lips of this pupil that she heard that the mark was a symbol clearly indicating that he, alongside other pupils, were initiated members of the Awawa cult group. This caused her to cry out to the school authorities. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that 12 of the primary school pupils were certified members of the cult. Even more, the student who had recruited the 12 seemingly innocent children was also found out. According to reports, her name is Salami Rasheedat and she is a Junior Secondary School student of Egan Senior Grammar School in Igando. The JSS 3 student is 16 years old. Following this lead, it was discovered that pupils and students from ages six to 16 were initiated into Awawa for the sole purpose of training them to be hardened criminals and cult members in the future. The pupils who were initiated into Awawa cult group. Police arrested Rasheedat and the other 12 pupils who had been initiated. But even more, two men suspected of being part of the syndicate that spearheaded the initiation of these children were also arrested. The arrest of these suspects was disclosed bybthe state police commissioner at the State Police Command. He also informed the public that after he got the information about the initiated pupils and Rasheedat, he instructed the gender section of the command to investigate the allegation of initiation into an unlawful society. It was during the investigation that Rasheedat admitted to taking the other kids for initiation. She also confessed to the fact that the symbol on their jaws was a sign of being part of Awawa.


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