5 Reasons Why 98% Of All New Year Resolution Fail

Written by Elvis Boniface

Is already seven days into the New Year, many resolutions have been made. Commendable. But of paramount consideration is; will these resolutions see the light of the day (year)? For how long- a week, a month, one quarter, or twelve months?

Truth be told, most resolutions will fail. In fact only about 2% of resolutions will be achieved after 12months.


  • No plan

Many a student’s and teachers’ resolutions are churned out and not formally expressed.  No appropriate planning and steps to foster its actualization. This is January. Soon it will be February, abruptly, March will have been completed. Phew! First quarter of the year gone. Your resolution must be written down and appropriately planned.

  • No Accountability

What did you achieved last year? How about 2012? Not only is accountability vital and the voice of language of business. It is pivotal in our everyday activities and existence. Students, teachers. Educators, and schools must apply the ‘debit-credit’ rule in all they do. A recorded successful execution of a planned resolution makes it easy for the next.

  • No Nurturing Environment

A first class lawyer born, raised and schooled in Lagos is effete in his village’s farm. We perform best in our ‘territory’. While the Nigerian economy landscape is highly unfavourable and dream killing, they is need to effect a personal bettering. Be at the right place at the right time. Pray less when you need to work hard. Discuss your studies and business with those that share your dream. Advertise your business to those that have paying power.

  • No Access to Reliable Information and Help on Demand

It is a verity; if you’re not informed, you’ll be deformed, your deformation leads to costly mistake, and the fruits of the costly mistake are bitterness and lamentation for ‘carry over’ resolutions. You’re a product of the quality of information you have access to. How learned, informed, and sharing are your contacts, BBM, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, WhatSapp, LinkIn, Phone, and even offline-school, church, office. What do there broadcast and rebroadcast on BBM, post and share on their timeline, tweets, share and discussed with their circles, chat about, raised discussion about, call and text about. This in no small measure is a determinant of your resolutions.

  • No Systems

In Alexander Clark words ‘let us watch well our beginners, and results will manage themselves’. Some of the little things you don’t pay attention to may be what will hamper your resolution greatly. Have a workable system. If you can’t understand it, you can’t change it.

In summary, those who will succeed in IMPROVING themselves in 2014 should:

Have a plan

Be held accountable

Put themselves in the right environment

Have access to the right information at the right time

Build systems to ensure they continue to succeed




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