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Education in the New Decade: What to Expect

Written by Abigael Ibikunle

Education in the new decade! The education sector has already witnessed significant changes over the past few years. There is an increasing reliance on technology-based solutions. And students have access to resources from anywhere at any given time.

Education in the new decade

More classrooms are making use of solutions such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to provide a more immersive learning experience to students. So, what can we expect from education in the 2020s?


Embedded Devices

The first major trend that is likely to change the face of the education industry is the rise of embedded devices. Schools and colleges, especially in the developed world, are likely to adopt these devices on a large scale.

Devices with the latest technology will be embedded in classroom furniture, allowing students to have seamless access to resources. Students will be able to leverage the power of the internet to connect to their teachers from anywhere. The increased use of embedded devices will also make it easier for teachers to evaluate assignments.


New Roles for Teachers

In the next decade, the role of teachers is also likely to evolve. Traditionally, the role of a teacher was to impart knowledge to the students. However, over the next decade, teachers will be expected to become a lot more interactive.

They will also have to explore various aspects of new technology themselves, putting them at par with the students. The degree of training imparted on teachers is also likely to go up.

Customization and Personalization

Historically, educational courses have tended to be fairly rigid. Although various institutions offer a choice of subjects, the flexibility in terms of course personalization is limited. This aspect of education is likely to change over the next decade.

Educational institutions are likely to offer a wider range of customization options to their students. This will also prove to be beneficial for the students. Because they will be able to study the subjects that they are interested in.

Remote Learning

Over the next decade, students and teachers are also going to embrace remote learning mechanisms. This trend has already picked up in a few countries and is likely to become even more common in the future.

Remote learning provides students the ability to attend classes via videoconferencing software. It ensures that they do not waste any time in travelling. And also makes sure that the experience is more personalized.

Teachers are also likely to embrace this concept, as it will allow them to transfer knowledge from anywhere. This development will be driven by high-speed data connectivity solutions such as 5G.

Predictive Analytics

Educational institutes are also likely to deploy technology in order to improve the quality of their courses. Such quality improvements are going to be realized on the back of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. Those kinds of technologies have the ability to review all aspects of a particular course and make pertinent recommendations.

Similarly, these technologies also have the ability to review the past records of students. And identify key areas of improvement. The use of such technologies in the classroom is likely to increase significantly over the next decade.

Thus, to sum up, the face of the education industry is likely to change dramatically over the next decade. As classrooms get more connected, the entire learning experience will become much smoother. Teachers will also be expected to learn newer techniques and adapt to them quickly. This will make sure that each and every student’s requirements are met. Thereby raising the overall standards of the industry.


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