Information for UNILAG staff: 2014 Allocation Of Campus Quarters Exercise

Written by Elvis Boniface

The Housing Unit of the University of Lagos has released the results of the 2013/14 Allocation of Campus Quarters Exercise. Members of staff are advised to check the results at the Housing Unit and forward any complain (via formal letters) to the Chairman of the Unit within two weeks.

Members of staff that applied for the following categories of houses need not check the result-list as these categories of accommodation are not available this year:

  • 1 bedroom bungalow (1A)
  • 2 bedroom bungalow (1B)
  • 3 bedroom duplex (2A)
  • 3 bedroom triplex (3A)
  • 3 bedroom house (4A)
  • 4 bedroom house (4B)
  • 2 bedroom house (4C)
  • 1 bedroom flat (5A)

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