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10 news courses on AI by Google

Google has released ten new Artificial Intelligence courses, all available for free.
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Google has released ten new Artificial Intelligence courses, all available for free.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, these courses offer an excellent opportunity to master AI in 2024.

Here are 10 news courses on Artificial Intelligence by Google.

1. Introduction to Large Language Models

Learn about the use cases and how to enhance the performance of large language models.

2. Introduction to Generative Al

Discover the differences between Generative Al and traditional machine learning methods.

3. Generative Al Fundamentals

Earn a skill badge by demonstrating your understanding of foundational concepts in Generative Al.

4. Introduction to Responsible Al

Learn about the importance of Responsible Al and how Google implements it in its products.

5. Encoder-Decoder Architecture

Learn about the encoder-decoder architecture, a critical component of machine learning for sequence-to-sequence tasks.

6. Introduction to lmage Generation

Discover diffusion models, a promising family of machine learning models in the image generation space.

7. Transformer Models and BERT Model

Get a comprehensive introduction to the Transformer architecture and the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from the Transformers (BERT) model.

8. Attention Mechanism

Learn about the attention mechanism, which allows neural networks to focus on specific parts of an input sequence.

9. Introduction to Generative Al Studio

This course explains how to prototype and customize generative Al models using Vertex Al’s Generative Al Studio.

10. Develop Models for Image Captioning

Discover how to use deep learning methods to develop a model for captioning images.

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