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10 things a girl child needs to survive

Undoubtedly, the girl child is unique and holds an important place in the society
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These days there are different conversation on X and across all social media handles about some activities of the girl child, especially a microscopic few that are influencers. An average girlchild around the world encounter challenges and some of these are societal inflicted challenges.

Undoubtedly, the girl child is unique and holds an important place in the society. No society is complete without paying attention to the girl child. They embody resilience, hope, potential and promise for a brighter future. Despite all these, girl child around the world often encounter challenges that could impede their growth and limit their opportunities. These challenges vary from country to country based on what they have made available and how developed they are. From limited access to healthcare, proper education, gender-based discrimination, societal norm, the obstacles are numerous and varied. However, paying attention to what a girl child needs is not only beneficial to the girl child but the society at large. Education

1. Education
Education is a fundamental human right of everyone, including the girl child. It is the cornerstone of a girl child’s development. It equips her with the knowledge and skills needed to lead a fulfilling and independent life. Every girl child must have access to schools with trained teachers, adequate resources, and a safe learning environment. This will ensure that they have the same quality education as the boy child and grant them equal potential. As parents/ guardians, it is important you let your girl child have access to the best education possible.

2. Healthcare
Health is wealth. The girl child must be provided with regular check-ups, vaccinations, and timely treatment of illnesses are essential to maintain good health. They must have access to accurate information about their bodies, menstrual hygiene, and reproductive health. The girl child should also have access to sanitary products and healthcare services to ensure they can manage their health with dignity.

3. Emotional Support
Emotional support is also very important, especially from family members. Parents should raise the girl child in a nurturing family that encourages and supports her emotional and academic growth.

4. Love
Everyone wants to be loved. Love is one of the most fundamental needs of a girl child. A girl who feels loved is more likely to thrive, both emotionally and physically.Showing love to your girl right from home goes a long way as this gives them some kind of emotional security, self-worth, self-esteemed, and help them build and maintain a healthy relationship with others.

5. Security
A safe and secure environment is essential for a girl’s physical and emotional well-being. Girls must be protected from all forms of violence and abuse. This includes ensuring safe routes to and from school and creating safe spaces in communities where girls can play and learn without fear.

6. Empowerment
The girl child must be empowered from a very young age. Encouraging girls to pursue their interests, speak up, and take on leadership roles builds self-esteem and confidence. They should also be taught essential life skills, such as financial literacy, communication, and problem-solving that will prepare them for the challenges of adulthood

7. Nutrition
Balanced diet and good nutrition is very important for a girl child. Girls should have access to food. Parents and guardians should try their best possible to provide food that can help increase their cognitive ability and reduce malnutrition. In homes where a girl chil lacks good nutrition and other basic needs, she might be tempted to go extra length to get it from people who are willing to give her (male counterparts or adults who wants to take advantage of her).

8. Purpose
Any successful individual must live a life of purpose. A life of purpose must be instilled by teachers, parents, and guardians, into the girl child at a young age. With a purpose driven life, the girl child will be able to know what they are made for, draft their goals, and aim to achieve it with the help of their parents.

9. Happiness
The notion that “whoever is happy will make others HAPPY’ is very true. In today’s world, the girl-child needs to be happy as happiness brings joy and courage to conquer any obstacles. The happiness a child radiates will keep them going, having it at the back of their mind that success is a must. Parents, teachers, and guardians should all ensure that the girl child is happy. This will also help them open up incase there is any challenge. Also, if a happy child suddenly grows cold, it is easier for parents to notice and address the issue on time.

10. Structure
It is important that a girl child grows up in a structured environment with healthy routines, rules, boundaries, and where they are allowed to be themselves. Parents, guardians, and teachers should help put these structures in place. Without these structures in place, girls are forced to be adults before they are ready. Parents should ensure they don’t let a girl child shoulder all the domestic responsibilities of the home. They should get the boy child involved as well, especially in Africa where the girl child is seen as the “second mother” of the home.

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