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A Millennial Lecturer in a GEN-Z CLASS – Episode 2

A millennial lecturer shares his over a decade experience in the academia teaching and supervising most GEN-Z. Welcome on the 10-episode series recollection.
Macaulay, Babajide Milton Ph.D., EMBA
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In early 2023, I taught a final year course, Forensic Biology.

It was my first time of being drafted onto the course as one of the tutors, and I was excited because I found it really interesting.

My first class was quite engaging as I introduced basic concepts in forensics, and emphasized the importance of preserving biological samples retrieved from a crime scene.


Such samples include blood, hair, urine, fecal matter, saliva, teeth, bone, vaginal secretions and semen. Human DNA retrieved from any of these can accurately be used in identifying perpetrators of crimes.

To further explain how the procedures work, I decided to discuss each biological specimen and the unique way the DNA is extracted in each case.

In the third week, I focused on “semen”.

And my class got really interesting.

To make the topic relatable, I asked the students, “what activity is likely to cause the production of semen?”

“Sex!!!”, they all replied.

I was quite shocked by their boldness and lack of shyness. If it was a millennial class, I am sure I would have to ask like 50 times before one of them will reluctantly whisper, “sex”. Lol

Sadly, we, millennials, were raised to be uncomfortable by the word, sex. It doesn’t matter the context; once the word, sex, is mentioned, we just switch to shyness mode, unable to confidently express ourselves.

But the Gen-Zs? A different breed. They are bold, expressive, assertive and curious. And I love it because it makes learning easier and quicker.

I went further, “and what kind of action could have semen appear at a crime scene?”

There was a bit of silence for a few seconds as if they were ruminating on the question.

“Rape?”, one of them voiced out, like she was trying to confirm if she was right.

“Absolutely! Rape.”

“And there are three possible outcomes after rape is committed. It is either the victim is killed, silenced through deadly threats or begged profusely after hanging the blame around the neck of the devil”, I explained further.

On realising I had their full attention, I decided to use the opportunity to drop a few advice on a societal issue related to the topic.

“So, let me address the guys in this room. That a lady decides to honour your invitation by visiting your house doesn’t automatically mean she wants to sleep with you. If you eventually force yourself on her against her will, you are a rapist, qualified to do jail time.”

There was total silence for a few seconds.

Then, a hand was raised. Let’s call him, Abbas.

Abbas is a natural born leader. I predict his temperament to be a combination of Sanguine and Choleric, because he is expressive and domineering. As a result, most of his colleagues listen to him by default.

Abbas asked, “but sir, I disagree with you.”

Understanding the nature of the students I was teaching, I was expecting such to happen. So I smiled and asked calmly, “Okay Abbas, why do you disagree with me?”

“Sir, why would a lady leave her house and come to mine if not that she is looking for something? And if I don’t prove to her that I am capable of delivering what she is looking for, I will be tagged as unfit.”

Immediately he finished his statement, I saw some other guys in the class nodding in agreement and smiling excitedly like Abbas had just boldly expressed what was on their mind.

Then I realised I had a lot of work to do beyond just teaching, Forensic Biology.

“Abbas, okay, so let’s assume that you met Kemi. You toasted Kemi. She is yet to say yes to you. Then, you invited her over to your place. Kemi agrees. It automatically means that Kemi wants you to sleep with her?”

“Not necessarily sir, but the possibility is there.”

“Okay. Good. I agree with you as well. The possibility is there. But you cannot be sure of what is going on in Kemi’s mind if you don’t ask, right?”

“Yes sir”, he agreed.


“Now, Kemi gets to your house and instead of you to ask her, you started touching her. Then she told you to stop. Are you saying you won’t stop?”

“Sir, truth is, some ladies love saying the opposite of what they really mean. They might say stop, when they actually want you to be persistent and not stop. They might ignore you at first, just so that you can work hard to earn their love. They do all these because they do not want to be treated cheaply.”

“I agree with you, 100%; however, are you saying you do not know the difference between a lady who is playing hard-to-get and a lady who clearly is irritated by your actions and want you to stop??”

He was quiet.

“Resistance is the difference. A lady who is playing hard-to-get will not resist you even if her mouth is saying stop. But a lady who is seriously telling you to stop while resent you and resist you! You can never mistaken the action for something else. It will be a distinct behaviour of a clear No”, I added firmly.

He remained quiet.

“And so, if you still go ahead to force yourself on her despite the resistance from her, then you are a rapist.”

He sat down calmly and I could see in his eyes that he truly got the point. I turned to other guys in the room and could see the you-are-right look on their faces.

It was at this time that the ladies in the room started cheering, “Tell them sir. Tell them sir.”

“Okay. Enough o. Let’s come back to Forensic Biology”, I resumed the class after making an attempt to stir up a reorientation of the boys.

You see, as a lecturer, our job doesn’t end at delivering a course content and exiting the classroom. We are also automatic counsellors, advisors, mentors, and guardians.

We must know when to switch roles and play each part effectively to get the best out of our noble profession.

Understanding the boldness of Gen-Zs will also allow you to not get easily offended by their actions or to shut them down without engaging them intellectually.

Imagine me, getting up in class and telling Prof. K.A. Tanimowo that I disagree with you sir. I will be shut down immediately. “How dare you confront me? Who are you?”, that will be the last words I will hear before walking me out of his class for defiance Lool.

Yes you might say that is an unhealthy teacher-lecturer relationship where the lecturer acts like an unquestionable demigod. But that was our realities as millennials.

Therefore, I deeply cherish the opportunity I have today to engage my students more personally in a way that is different from the way I was trained.

This is allowing me gain more access into their personal lives and in so doing, I am not only arming them with new knowledge, I am also influencing their beliefs, habits and mindsets.

That is a very powerful influence to have, only if millennial lecturers, know how to use it.

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