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APPLY: 2023 UNESCO Innovation to Transform Education Training 

This programme aims to empower young representatives with the knowledge and skills needed to drive positive change in the education landscape of our nation and Africa.
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ITET is delighted to invite you to apply for the upcoming “Innovation to Transform Education Training – ITET”, to be hosted in Lagos, Nigeria, in November 20-24, 2023.

This transformative programme, organised in collaboration between Future Perspectives and UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC), aims to empower young representatives with the knowledge and skills needed to drive positive change in the education landscape of our nation and Africa.

ITET is part of the capacity building components of the United Nations Global Youth Initiative (GYI), and Nigeria will be the first country to launch it. This is a great responsibility and opportunity for all Nigerian youths, and we really count on your inspiration and passion.

With a strong commitment to diversity and equity, we will select 50 exceptional individuals from diverse educational and social backgrounds who demonstrate a passion for EdTech and a commitment to shaping a brighter future for our communities. We encourage all aspiring education innovators to apply and embark on this rewarding journey of learning, collaboration, and meaningful impact. Together, let’s create an equitable and thriving educational environment that uplifts every learner and transforms their lives.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible fields:

Fall under one of the following categories:

Pre-service or in-service education stakeholder who is currently studying at higher education institutions with education-focused programs, OR
Interdisciplinary university student or practitioner who has a crossover interest or projects on education, OR
Education practitioner at national, provincial, and local levels, OR
Youth leader from major youth organizations in Nigeria based at higher education.

Candidates must:

Be a Nigerian Citizen.
Be aged 18 – 35 years.
Submit an idea or initial project on EdTech Innovation to Transform Education.


The training is an on-site, five-day programme, which will consist of lectures, workshops and practical activities across different skillsets with a focus on transforming education.
Training cost will be covered for all selected applicants
In addition, all participants will pitch their initiatives or current projects to an ITET Prize Committee at the beginning and end of the training and the top five winners will be awarded a financial prize.
All participants will receive certification of completion of the training and will become members of the Future Perspectives Network and Better Innovation Better Outcome (BIBO) Network. At the end of the upskilling training, young education stakeholders are expected to launch new initiatives or advance current projects as agents of innovation in their educational settings
50 applicants will be selected for the capacity building training, targeting young representatives recommended by key education institutions and other key educational stakeholders in the country

Application procedure and deadline

Applications can be completed through the online portal. Application deadline is September 15, 2023.

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