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Assembly Seeks Strict Regulation of Private Schools in Kwara

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The Kwara House of Assembly on Tuesday called on the state Ministry of Education to ensure strict regulation of private nursery and primary schools in the state to address proliferation.

This is a sequel to a motion moved by Abdullahi Danbaba (APC-Kaiama/Kemanji/Wajibe) under Matters of General Public Importance.

Mr Danbaba stressed the need to check the proliferation of the schools as it could affect the quality of education and the state’s future.

He said it was worrisome that unemployment has made some graduates and non-graduates venture into establishing schools below the approved standards.

Mr Danbaba said the schools were, however, not limited to urban centres but also extended to the rural areas.

He said the state Ministry of Education needed to be stricter at ensuring that schools follow regulations before being granted approvals to function.

Some of the lawmakers, who spoke in support of the motion, said it was important to nip the development in the bud as primary school, which is the bedrock of education, should not be on a shaky foundation.

The deputy house leader, Bello Olanrewaju (APC-Lanwa/Ejidongari), said though the upsurge of schools was a sign of development in the state, the lack of effective regulation was the problem.

He said schools discovered not to be up to standard should be closed, and owners of such schools be prosecuted if the need arises.

Reading the resolutions of the house, the speaker, Yakubu Salihu, called on the Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development to ensure that guidelines on the establishment of schools were strictly adhered to.

He added that adequate monitoring should also be put in place for such schools to ensure that they do not derail from or breach the guidelines.

The house also called on the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools to ensure their members operate strictly within existing guidelines.


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