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BHS alumni inaugurate project in Osun school

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The alumni of Baptist High School (BHS) Iree, Osun State, have inaugurated a project at their alma mater. The project, according to the old students, was in fulfilment of their pledge to invest in their school.

The BHS alumni fulfilled their pledge by inaugurating a perimeter fence measuring 1080 metres around the school premises for the safety of the student.

Speaking during the 6th annual alumni association convention, the alumni global President, Olaniyi Ibiyemi, said that the gesture was a means of giving back to their alma mater and making a great impact in the school to complement the efforts of the state government in giving sound and qualitative education to the students.

Olaniyi added that he felt honoured that his administration has achieved mighty development for that school, affirming that there is still a lot of vision they have for the student to enjoy.

He, thereby, implored the alumni members to participate and have adequate cooperation for them to give back to their source.

Olaniyi said, “I felt very great and honored that within a short time, my administration can achieve these mighty things that we did and everything to the glory of God we did our best, we came with a purpose and that is what we’ve been doing, we have a lot of vision for the school and definitely within our term we will do our best.

“We should be able to give back to the school that made us and every member should contribute their quarter because there was a time we are like this, we should be able to give back to our alma mater.

“BHS Alumni Association bonded with LOVE is a Global body of Old Students in Osun State, which is proudly at the forefront of the comity of Alumni Associations even in the country.

“Ours is a unique Association where we all share a common denominator that has played a significant role in molding our lives and careers. We do not only provide members a forum for networking for mutual benefits but also provide a platform for synergising efforts for developmental support for our alma mater.

“We are great people with great minds with nothing to stop us from achieving our goals, either as an individual or as a group. We have an extraordinary passion for service and compassion for one another as an alumni family. And just equally perhaps, are the unwavering drive and work ethic instilled in all of us by the school to succeed in our chosen careers.”

He, however, enjoined that students emulate what they are doing and focus on what they are doing for them to achieve a brighter future.

Also speaking, the current principal of the school, who also graduated from the school 40 years ago, Mrs. Yetunde Ogunleye appreciated the alumni body for their interventions in the school.

Ogunleye said that “BHS Iree used to be a cynosure of all eyes in the district before, until in the past few years, when her fortune started to nose dive. There was infrastructural decay with dilapidated buildings here and there; acute gully erosion that had ravaged the entire landscape destroying the internal road network in the school, and worst of all the encroachment of the school land by illegal landlords who have built residential houses within the school compound.

“In short, the school was in a bad state! The state government, despite the economic downturn, was doing its best to address some of these problems but succour came when the alumni body started to intervene by addressing the problems facing the school.”

The alumni during the inauguration of the project

Stating the intervention projects embarked upon by the alumni association, Ogunleye said that they renovated a block of 4 classrooms opposite the gymnasium field.

“We renovated and equipped the staff room of the old school building, influenced the location of the mega school to BHS, influenced posting of teachers to the school and made an award of scholarship.

“We renovated the corp members lodge, carried out several repair works on many classrooms and the school hall that were destroyed by rainstorm; employed PT teachers and a night guard; installed CCTV

“We organized a colorful 60th anniversary for the school, purchased one grass-cutting machine, a spraying machine and chemicals to fumigate classrooms ravaged by termites.”

She added that Mr Olaniyi Ibiyemi-led administration refurbished and repaired damaged borehole, water taps, and toilet facilities; co-sponsored annual Inter-house sport; organised seminar and workshop for teachers; organised career talks for students; monitored posting of teachers and corp members; awarded prizes for best teacher and best student; repaired and upgraded the CCTV; employed a gateman, award of scholarship and construction of perimeter fence and erosion control.


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