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Citing hunger, some Nigerian students accept vote buying

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Some students across the federation suggest a willingness to sell their votes ahead of the 2023 general elections and that Nigerians are not seriously ready to get better in their pursuit of liberation. In an interview with Edugist’s reporter, students shared their thoughts about whom they will vote for in the election coming up on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

The students made a series of claims bothering on poverty, impoverishment, lack of knowledge of the political scene and the apolitical nature of students and young people on issues of great concern to the nation’s growth. Adebisi, a student of political science mentioned that poverty has been weaponised in Nigerian politics and when you are hungry you cannot make the right decisions.

He stated that poverty is a good tool used by politicians and hunger is the arsenal that helps them achieve their ambitions. Ahead of the elections in the country many are subjected to abject poverty and this is a weaponisation of poverty and you don’t expect a man that has not eaten for days or weeks to make the right decisions, he can’t, the political science student said.

Reacting to Edugist question: Who are you voting for as a Nigerian Student ahead of the polls?

I am voting for the highest bidder and I know you understand what I mean, I will vote for any party that offers the highest money and that’s my plan and that of some of my friends, we have decided that this period is not for reasoning and we have been suffering in the last three weeks or so with this cash scarcity or what have you called it Ibrahim, a 200 level student said.

“Vote who? No food to eat for almost a week now and I have been feeding anyhow, well this is my PVC it is intact, on election day, it will help me make money because I am not voting for free at all, you give me money I vote.”“For me, I will be voting my conscience but I am also keeping in mind that the big parties can bring money which I will collect happily, I don’t have time to waste, we are not ready in this country and this is how it may continue”. Sandra, a 300-level student said.

“Who election help, on election day, I am sleeping all day, I have been warned by my parents not to come out to vote. I am the only child and I don’t want to die young. You know with the look of things, you need to ensure that you are alive to witness the next happening in your life and all”.

“Bros, I am voting and you know I don’t want to say the person that I am voting for, you know why I saw a video online weeks ago, how a lady was beaten by people in a bus when she shared who she will be voting for. But for me I will go to the polling booth cast my vote and then go back home, I don’t want any delay of some sort in anything I do that day.”

“Seriously, I have a candidate but a few days to the election with what I have seen I am seriously discouraged by everything that I see, I am voting but I am very afraid of the outcome considering what’s happening in the country now, it is very sad”.

“I am voting BAT that’s all I can say, he is my candidate and I stand with him any day, anytime, for me, he is the one that can make the correction that we need.”

“This year’s election will be full of twists and turns, I am confident that we may have a miracle that’s if God plays politics and if not it will struggle continua, well, I am voting for Peter Obi and, he is the best choice”.

“I am voting for Peter Obi, Peter is better but my brother I will collect money from any party and still vote for my man, let’s try something new this year now”.

“This year I don’t even know if I should go out and vote or not but if I am voting, Asiwaju is my man, I am a core progressive and that’s what is right”.

“There is hunger in the land and hunger does e not respect anyone, whosoever gives me money, I will vote but let the electoral body do more, it is not about campaign promises, let them work and deliver.”

The students in their numbers pointed out that the hunger that is currently biting hard due to this cash policy will influence everyone’s decision.

Many of the students have decried the political system of the country as it allows popular choices to be weakened because of vote buying and all.

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