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Digital Learning Day: 10 edtech companies offering unique solutions in Nigeria

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In the 21st century, the need to marry education with technology is a matter of urgency. According to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.

Edugist earlier reported that about 72 different edtech startups across Africa are set to benefit from Co-Creation Hub’s (CcHUB) ‘The Edtech Fellowship Program’, a $15 million accelerator program, for a time period of three years.

The edtech industry’s current boom is pivotal to the tech ecosystem and the country at large. Especially at a time where the quality of education is in a very low place. There is no better time to venture into the industry than now.

To mark the Digital Learning Day which celebrates the use of digital technology in learning and in particular, highlights innovative and forward-thinking use of technology for learning in the classroom, Edugist selected 10 edtech companies in Nigeria offering unique solutions.

She Code Africa

She Code Africa is a registered non-profit organisation aimed at empowering young girls and women across Africa with technical and soft skills needed to match or scale their careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Learning track: Software development (web and mobile), DevOps, Cybersecurity, Program and product management, User Experience design, Data science, Machine learning and across all languages; Javascript, Python, PHP, Ruby etc.

Their mission is to bring in more girls and women in Africa into technology.


Founded in 2009, uLesson curates curriculum-relevant, educational content targeted at students in the K-7 to K-12 segment and preparing for WAEC and NECO examinations.

uLesson leverages the best in-class teachers, media, and technology to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for students.

AltSchool Africa

As the name implies, AltSchool Africa is an alternative to school where you can, in under a year, learn and gain a certification in a myriad of disciplines to give you a great foundation as well as the start you need to go for your dream tech career.

AltSchool Africa positions itself as an educational platform that offers programs designed to arm you with the skills and knowledge required to launch your tech career. They have Schools of Engineering, Product and Data with specialisations including Frontend, Backend and Cloud engineering, Product Design, Marketing and Management, and Data Engineering, Analysis and Science.


Tuteria is a Nigerian edtech platform for offline and online tutoring. It was co-founded in 2015 by systems engineers Godwin Benson and Abiola Oyeniyi.

Tuteria links tutors with Nigerian learners. The selection of potential tutors is ensured by a verification process that includes an ID and qualifications check along with standard competency tests.


PrepClass is a marketplace that gives access to professional tutors for private lectures and lessons. You’d find primary, secondary, and IELTS tutors on the Prepclass platform. There are also tutors for a number of professional exams like ICAN, GRE, and so on.


Edves is a learning and school management software for African k12 Schools. The digital infrastructure automates the entire journey of a student and creates efficiency in lessons delivery and school administration.


Relatively new, and launched in 2022, Klas is on a mission to empower everyone to teach engaging online classes. Klas is more than just a virtual classroom tech, unlike Zoom and Meet which are video conferencing tools. You can accept payments from students globally, manage your classes, offer online tests, and connect your favourite tools from our integration store. Klas takes a more all-in-one approach to online teaching, while still remaining simple and intuitive for everyone.


Utiva is developing talents for the future of work. The company organises a number of fellowships to help customers master certain tech skills like Digital Marketing, Data Science, Data Analysis, Product Manager, UI/UX Designer, and so on. According to them, they are the “best way to gain job-ready expertise for the careers of the future”.


Edukoya is an edtech startup focused on online learning and test preparation applications in Nigeria. With the Edukoya app, you get personalised support for homework or exams preparation. Edukoya allows users to review past national student exams for free on the app but charges a fee for students who want to be tutored.


Ustacky is an edtech platform that teaches industry-relevant programming skills. It leverages on detailed syllabus, localised contents, job linkup and affordable prices. Ustacky also leverages cutting-edge technological solutions to deliver the finest software development courses, conceived, curated and delivered by African instructors for a primarily African audience.

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