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Eid al-Adha: 20 dishes and drinks recommendations

As Muslims all around the world celebrate the blessed festival, Edugist highlights twenty dishes and drinks recommendations.
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Food is necessary and one of the most important part of the Eid celebrations. In Nigeria, while most households consume rice during this festive period, along with the meat, there are a lot of recipes you can cook on Eid and you should spice things up in your household this Eid.

As Muslims all around the world celebrate the blessed festival, Edugist highlights twenty dishes and drinks recommendations.

1. Pounded yam and Egusi


This is one of the recipes you can cook on Eid. Pounded yam is filling, satisfying, and when dipped in Egusi, makes the celebration just right and delicious.

We like to pound our yam using mortar and pestle. However, with advancements now, there are blenders for pounding yam and also processed yam flour (Pounded yam), but mortar and pestle remain in my household.

2. Amala and Ewedu


This delicacy is popular among the Yorubas in the southwest of Nigeria. The Ewedu is mixed with stew to enrich it and make it edible too. Amala can also be taken with Egusi, vegetables or Efo Riro.

3. Tuwo Shinkafa and miyan Kuka (boabob soup)

OIP 1 1

This is a delicious and special meal from northern Nigeria. It is delicious and tasty.

4. Yam porridge

R scaled

Is there still leftover yam from the pounded yam? Why not make this recipe for friends and family? They will definitely enjoy it.

Add ram meat to give this dish a sweet, delicious, and festive moment.

This dish is delicious and tasty; you can also substitute the yam for potatoes. You could make it watery and add pepper soup spice so you can drink the water and have the same feeling as devouring pepper soup.

5. Mouthwatering goat meat – Pepper Soup

R 1

Eid is always complete with this bowl of assorted meat – be it goat meat, chicken meat, or ram meat. This is surely one of the recipes you can cook on Eid.

6. Peppered meat — Suya


This is a lump of spicy meat for the eid celebration. Pepper Meat is one of the recipes you can cook on Eid. This could be eaten as a whole or pierced through skewers with green bell pepper and onions.

7. Efo riro

Efo Riro. Photo Low Carb Africa

This is a special delicacy from southern Nigeria, from Igbo people.

8. Ofada rice

R 2

9. Moi Moi

R 3


10. Burabisco

brabisco scaled

This is well known for Kanuri people in Maiduguri, northeast part of Nigeria.


11. Masa

IMG 3180

A sweet snack made with Jasmine rice.

12. Meat pie



13. Samosa


Samosa is made with dough flour and fillings made with potatoes, meat, and others.

14. Doughnuts

R 4 scaled

15. Vanilla Cupcakes

R 5

16. Chocolate Cupcakes

R 6 scaled


17. Kunun Aya (tiger nuts drink) and Kunun gyada (Groundnut drink)


18. Zobo drink


19. Fermented milk — Fura da nono


20. Fruit juice



Eid Mubarak once again.

Taqabballahu minna wa minkum.

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