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End-of-Term: Report card comments, every teacher can use to inspire their students

If you’re hoping to inspire and motivate your students, learning about encouraging comments that you can give them can be helpful. In this article, we explain why positive comments for students are important and list comments you can offer them.
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Teachers frequently aspire to inspire, encourage, and motivate their students in their academic and personal development. Providing feedback on report cards, homework, and offering advice in the classroom is a common practice to support students in their learning journey. Understanding the significance of positive comments, this article explores the importance of such feedback and provides a list of encouraging comments to help foster motivation and success among students.

Positive comments about a student’s personality

Here are nine positive comments you can give directly to a student regarding their overall personality and demeanor:

1. You’re an innovative and creative person. It’s very clear to me that you enjoy solving problems in different ways and using your creativity to develop new ideas. It’s great seeing you use your creativity and innovation to perform well in school.

2. You are an inspiration. Despite any struggles you’ve endured, each day you come to class with a smile on your face and a willingness to learn and improve. These are admirable traits.

3. You’ve been an ideal student. Your desire to learn and grow means a lot to me as a teacher. I’m very glad to have you in my class.

4.You’re a fantastic listener. It’s clear to me that you’re very open to learning and hearing methods you can use to improve your studies. You follow directions perfectly, and you’re well on your way to improvement.

5. You tackle issues and challenges with a positive, can-do attitude. Because of this, I have no doubt that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. An attitude like that can change the world.

6. It’s clear that you take pride in your work. The confidence you have in your academics is impressive. Self-confidence is a great trait to have.

7. You consistently show respect for both your peers and your teachers. Your disposition and manners always impress me. You’re a kind and considerate student, and I’m glad to be your teacher.

8. With your friendly, positive and kind attitude, I can always guarantee that my class is pleasant. Your presence helps create a fun and sweet atmosphere that’s absolutely valuable. I appreciate it.

9.You’re sensitive to the thoughts and opinions of others. This allows them to express their thoughts and feelings. I find this commendable.

These collection of comments and phrases is perfect for end of the year report cards. Customize and tailor them as necessary to provide a fitting look back on the full year in the classroom. Appropriate for all grade levels.

There has been noticeable improvement in _______’s study habits this year. Please continue to work on these skills over the summer.

Thank-you for your interest in _______’s schoolwork this year. With her continued effort, she will receive much satisfaction from her work.

_______ is a fine citizen and a hard worker. I have thoroughly enjoyed having him in my class this year. Have a wonderful summer.

_______ has matured nicely this year. His progress during this last quarter was impressive. I hope this effort and attitude will carry over into the next school year.

Thank you for your support and interest in our class this year. _______ is a very hardworking boy and should have much success in the ____ grade.

_______ has matured nicely this year, both academically and socially.

_______’s friendly, sincere way has made him a very popular member of the ___ grade.

_______ would benefit from reading many library books this summer.

_______ needs to improve his reading speed and comprehension if he is to have success in the ______ grade.

_______ continued to blossom as the year progressed.

_______ helped to make my year a pleasant one.

_______ takes a keen interest in all her work and is a most agreeable and willing worker. It has been wonderful having her in my room.

Thank-you for the help I know you have given her.

Please continue during the summer with ______ review and as many reading experiences as possible.

Thank-you for your interest in _______’s attitude.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you this year.

Thanks for your cooperation.

With _______’s friendly, cooperative attitude, she will always be a pleasant addition to any class.

I have enjoyed the association I have had with _______.

I enjoyed having _______ in my class.

It has been a pleasure to have _______ in my class.


Here are also 24 other positive and motivational comments you can give to your students or their parents to help encourage growth and continued excellence:

1. Your dedication is truly commendable.
2. Your perseverance sets a remarkable example.
3. Your positive energy brightens the entire classroom.
4. You approach challenges with a determined spirit.
5. I admire your genuine enthusiasm for learning.
6. Your kindness and consideration make a difference.
7. Your inquisitive mind enhances the learning environment.
8. Your work ethic is truly inspiring.
9. I’m grateful for the positive impact you have on our class.
10. Your thoughtfulness towards your peers is noteworthy.
11. Your continuous improvement is a joy to witness.
12. You contribute to a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.
13. Your humility adds to the richness of our discussions.
14. Your commitment to excellence is unmistakable.
15. I’m impressed by your ability to overcome obstacles.
16. You bring out the best in those around you.
17. Your resilience is a source of motivation for everyone.
18. Your insights and perspectives add depth to our discussions.
19. You handle challenges with grace and determination.
20. Your dedication to learning is truly admirable.
21. Your positive impact on the class is undeniable.
22. Your consideration for others reflects your character.
23. I’m fortunate to have such a dedicated student.
24. Your growth and progress are truly commendable.

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