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FUOYE releases guidelines for 2023 SUG election campaign

This was made known through the Dean of Student Affair, Prof. Dosu Malomo in a publication of the Student Affairs Division.
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Ahead of the 2023 Students’ Union Election, the management of Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) has stated some guidelines that are to be adhered to before, during and after the election.

This was made known through the Dean of Student Affair, Prof. Dosu Malomo in a publication of the Student Affairs Division.

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The guidelines are stated below:

No Campaign activities at the Faculty buildings, Lecture halls, Administration building, worship places, libraries and medical complex.
Campaigns shall be restricted to only approved designated places.
Approved designated places for campaign shall be the following:
Along school road
Market square
Bus parks
Sports arena
Hostels premises (not inside the room)
Ceremonial road
School road
Faculty parks at 100m away
No posting of campaign posters on the walls of University buildings and other University facilities. Any violator may be disqualified.
The use of well positioned banners is encouraged.
No blarring of loud music with the motorcade on campus.
Unruly behaviour to university security and other University staff will not be tolerated.
No import of non students into the campus for campaign purposes.
The use of abusive slogan, offensive musical slang will not be allowed.
No dangerous driving on campus will be tolerated.
All for campaigns inside Oye and Ikole towns etc, all aspirants must obey the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, any aspirant who violates any law of the land during the campaign does so at his own peril. Please, be warned!!!
The Electoral committee shall ensure all aspirants conform to the above regulations and all other University rules and regulations before, during and after the election.
The University authority reserves the absolute right to disqualify any aspirant who’s campaign activities constitute security threat to the peace of the University community.

Important Notice

The Electoral committee shall roll out more guidelines which must be obeyed by all aspirants for the peaceful conduct of the 2023 SUG ELECTION.

By: Precious Onajobi

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