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Why is it necessary to teach technical subjects?

Technical education refers to a form of education that focuses on providing practical skills and knowledge related to a specific trade, profession, or field of study.
Photo of students operating a machine as part technical education
Students of technical education - Credit: Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria
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Technical education refers to a form of education that focuses on providing practical skills and knowledge related to a specific trade, profession, or field of study. It aims to prepare individuals for employment in various technical and vocational industries by equipping them with hands-on skills, theoretical understanding, and problem-solving abilities relevant to their chosen field.

The subjects technology and work education are taught at primary schools, aimed at providing pupils with knowledge and skills in the technical area. They are the subjects which give teachers space to equip the students with skills in a creative school environment. The subjects have integrated character. With proper teaching, they lead to the understanding of the link between theoretical subjects and technical products, found in real life. They are characterized by strong interdisciplinary bindings, connected to history, science, biology, physics, mathematics and other areas.

The content of the technical subjects is oriented towards the practical side of the outside world, which has a significant educational impact. It allows pupils and their parents to correctly recognize their professional orientation. Through this, children can achieve a harmonious and holistic development of their personalities, to make sure that their skills and talents can be best applicable in real life, as well as in the labour market. The technical subjects support and develop creative thinking. In the teaching of these subjects, information-communication technologies may be maximally utilized and applied. As an important part of human culture, technology has always been closely connected with the creative people’s work activities. Man was, is and will be the main initiator of any technological innovations and changes that ever more intensively enter the professional and private lives of adults and children as well, and thus will always influence their attitudes, values, mental and physical health and lifestyle. Evolution is significantly influenced by technological progress, which creates technically trained and educated individuals. Applying technical knowledge in practice is a prerequisite for a successful society. It is necessary to educate creative people and technology is a medium that makes it possible. Technical education is based on the recognition that technology paves the way for the present as well as the future of human existence. Daily life brings a lot of new information, problems, practical activities and tasks for pupils at school to communicate in an integrated form, for example as model situations.

Teaching experience confirms that the practical creative activity is important for healthy and natural development of children, allowing them to be authentic and objective in learning about the outside world and giving them a good feeling, the necessary self-confidence, self-realization, new attitudes and values in relation to people, work, technology and the environment.

Technical education at primary schools is the first opportunity of professional choice for children. It is a chance to become familiar with the most common tools, the basic procedures of working with different materials, with common problems of practical life and possible solutions.

Technology lessons create opportunities for children to decide which activities are most interesting, so that they can focus on them in further study or professional work.

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