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Greensprings emerges victorious in U-11 Private School Games

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The recent Private School Games, a sports competition for U-11 pupils in Lagos-based private schools, has concluded with Greensprings School, Lagos, achieving outstanding success as the overall champions.

According to a report on Wednesday June 7, 2023, the school won 11 gold, six silver, and six bronze medals across various events such as football, athletics, swimming, and video games.

Adeyemi Egbeoluwa, the managing director and chief executive officer of School Games, expressed his excitement and commended the participating private schools for their exemplary display of discipline and camaraderie throughout the event.

The competition took place at Union Bank Sports Ground, National Stadium, O’Jez Swimming Pool Lagos, and Yabatech Playground.

Egbeoluwa hailed the games as a resounding success and announced plans for an even more captivating U-16 version of the event, scheduled to take place in the upcoming weeks.

Egbeoluwa emphasised the importance of supporting private school sports programs, stating that the combination of quality education and sports could produce exceptional athletes. He urged the government, corporate sector, and sports enthusiasts to provide moral and financial backing to these programs, highlighting that such support would eradicate concerns regarding age cheating and underwhelming results in international competitions.

“It is obvious that quality athletes would emerge with efficient and meticulous combination of quality education and sports if government and the corporate world do not turn their back on private school sports programmes.

“Worries over age cheat and poor results at international meets would be things of the past if private sports programmes are backed morally and financially by government, corporate world and sports loving individuals and groups.

“It is our resolve at School Games that hidden talents must be continuously discovered and nurtured through programmes like ours and there is no looking back,” Egbeoluwa said.

School Games remains resolute in their mission to continuously unearth and nurture hidden talents through programs like theirs, with a steadfast commitment to progress.

Leading private schools like Greensprings, Corona, Riverbank, Lagos Preparatory School, and St. Saviour’s have been identified as enthusiastic participants in the forthcoming U-16 Private Secondary Schools Games.

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