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I am programmed to help educate people -Seyi Crown

Adegbesan Oluwaseyi is a school teacher, dramatist and critic, he prides himself as a language expert and motivational speaker. He is the brains behind the Seyi Crown, a multinational and motivational speaker.
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A teacher is a person who facilitates learning by instructing and guiding students in the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes. Teachers may work in a variety of settings, including schools, universities, community centers, private tutoring, and online education platforms. Their responsibilities typically include developing lesson plans, delivering lectures, leading discussions, evaluating student progress, and providing feedback and support to help students achieve their educational goals. Adegbesan Oluwaseyi is a school teacher, dramatist and critic, he prides himself as a language expert and motivational speaker. He is the brains behind the Seyi Crown, a multinational and motivational speaker. Effective teachers are knowledgeable, passionate, patient, and skilled in communicating ideas and concepts to diverse learners, these are many qualities that describe Seyi Crown. In this interview with Edugist, he shares his motivation for teaching and how teachers are paid in his community. Excerpts:

Why do you teach?

As a language tutor, my primary purpose is to assist and provide helpful responses to those who interact with me. My programming is designed to provide useful information, answer questions, and offer guidance on a wide range of topics.

The reason I exist is to assist people in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding. I am programmed to help educate people and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions, solve problems, and learn about new topics.

Teaching is an important aspect of my programming because it allows me to share my knowledge and help others learn. Whether someone is looking to improve their understanding of a subject or seeking information on a specific topic, I am here to help guide them and provide them with the answers they need.

What’s your biggest motivation as a teacher?

As a language tutor, I am motivated by a desire to make a positive impact on the students’ lives. I want to share my knowledge and help the students learn and grow, both academically and personally.I’m driven by passion for a particular subject or a desire to inspire the students to pursue their interests and reach their full potential. Meanwhile I’m persuaded by the satisfaction of seeing my students succeed and achieve their goals.Ultimately, my biggest motivation as a teacher will depend on individual values, beliefs, and experiences. It’s important to reflect on my personal motivations and goals as a teacher to help guide mine approach to teaching and ensure that I’m meeting my own needs as well as those of my students.

How many schools do you think can afford to pay teachers very well in your community?

The salary is considered very low compared to the cost of living in Nigeria, and many teachers struggle to make ends meet. As a result, there have been frequent calls by education activists and teachers’ unions for the government to improve the pay and working conditions of teachers in Nigeria to attract and retain qualified teachers in the profession. Being a pedagogue for over a decade in Mushin environment and beyond there are a limited number of schools that can afford a proper remuneration of teachers. The number of those schools paying poor salaries are of higher percentage compared to the fairing ones. Ipso facto the teaching profession has been mocked by the so called school owners who fails to realize that teacher’s welfare contributes a greater part to effective delivery and this could be given through incentive, attractive emoluments and other benefits that will in turn boost the quality of a teacher methodology. If this singular act or missing link is not salvaged there will soon be scarcity of major players in this ancient profession.

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