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I surrounded myself with futuristic fellows – Blessing

Beyond academics, Asiyanbi’s passion for writing and communication is evident, as he embraces all aspects of effective communication to make a positive impact on his future students’ lives. Equipped with experiences and mentorships from influential figures in the field, he aims to instil the values of hard work, determination, and overcoming challenges among his students.
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With a strong desire to pursue his dreams, Asiyanbi Abraham Blessing ventured into the world of Mass Communication, drawing inspiration from his exposure to lawyers and admiration for journalists and newscasters. He embarked on his journey at Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, where he obtained a diploma in Mass Communication, graduating with an impressive Upper Credit.

Beyond academics, Asiyanbi’s passion for writing and communication is evident, as he embraces all aspects of effective communication to make a positive impact on his future students’ lives. Equipped with experiences and mentorships from influential figures in the field, he aims to instil the values of hard work, determination, and overcoming challenges among his students.

Furthermore, Asiyanbi’s expertise in graphic design and writing complements each other, allowing him to provide effective solutions to businesses seeking to enhance their visibility and sales.

As he continues to excel in his career, Asiyanbi looks forward to expanding his expertise into photography, videography, and public speaking, aligning with his commitment to growth and continuous learning. His unwavering dedication and focus on achieving academic excellence have shaped him into a promising communication expert and teacher, poised to leave a significant impact on the lives of his students and the field of communication as a whole. Excerpts

Can you tell us about your educational and family background?

My name is Asiyanbi Abraham Blessing. I was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Asiyanbi. I am the first son and the firstborn of my family and I have a younger sister, Esther Asiyanbi. About my educational background. I attended Rock Foundation Nursery and Primary School, Olla Road, Ejigbo, Osun State. Before this school, I attended several primary schools. After primary school, I sat for the junior secondary school certificate examination.
I had my JS education at the Baptist Middle School, Ejigbo, Osun State and obtained the Junior Secondary School Certificate in 2016. Immediately after this, I went to Glory of God Success College, Eyenkole Ika, Ejigbo, Osun State. I sat for my WAEC and NECO in this school, in 2019. Thereafter, I also sat for JAMB to gain admission into higher education. I scored 183 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). Initially, I wanted to study at a higher institution of learning in the northern part of Nigeria but had to settle for Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, where I studied Mass Communication. Unfortunately, I was unable to enter the institution that year because I processed the admission so late. A year later, I sat for another Jamb and scored 191. I obtained the form quickly and that year, I was given admission to study a two-year programme that is, a diploma in Mass Communication. I graduated in 2022 with an upper credit (3.49), National Diploma.

How do you rate learning in your community?

In my community, I rate learning highly. Because more individuals are dedicated and passionate about learning than those that are not. Many of them take learning seriously. People who are not serious about learning can be given orientation and education to know about the importance and significance of learning. Through this, rating learning in my community would be higher.

Can you tell us more about your journey and what inspired you to pursue a diploma in Mass Communication?

During my primary school days, I was always the forerunner of all the end-of-the-year activities and my school happened to love to train pupils and students to be academically sound and teach morals also. This school contributed immensely to my academic excellence starting from my academic foundation. So, most of their activities are educational. During the end of the year parties, I am usually engaged in significant activities like; panel discussion (a moderator), gymnastics (a leader) and more,
With all these, I started dreaming to become a lawyer because I love how they dress, how they communicate, their personalities, and their courage and boldness to face the crowd while judging. All these inspired me.

Later, when I entered Junior Secondary 1, my inspiration and ambition changed to Mass Communication. Since this time, I started to love journalists and newscasters because, at home, my Dad consumes more information on television and radio. For my Dad, television and radio are number one. Anytime he gets home from work or anytime he is at home, he tunes to his favourite channel on television and his favourite frequency on the radio.

There is one renowned newscaster on OSBC, Oluwatoyin Egbodofo. Whenever I am watching her live news casting, I love the way she does it. That was why I chose Mass Communication as a course and went to study it. And that is how I am pursuing my dream and aspiration till now.

How do you think your passion for writing and communication will impact your teaching career?

I think writing and communication skills are both significant and needed in a teaching career. These skills will allow me to transmit my lessons impactfully into the lives of students. They will read with clarity and they will hear audibly and clearly without ambiguities. I can’t teach a subject or a course by writing alone, without explanations. There is no way students under my teaching will be able to understand without my explanation. Some exceptional students can read and easily assimilate but in the teaching career, I think, both written and oral communication are necessary. Therefore, my passion for writing and communication will impact my teaching career greatly and positively.

Overcoming life’s challenges can be tough. How did you manage to stay dedicated to your studies and passion despite the obstacles faced?

It is God all through. Thanks to God for helping me to sail through.

Thanks also to my background of spiritual nurturing and teachings, at the same time, my dedication and focus on what I want to become in the future allowed me to finish my National Diploma. Because it kept me driving on the right path. I don’t know if I will even finish my ND without dropping out but God helped me through.

I surrounded myself with futuristic fellows. I moved with a circle of future-oriented and those that have similar dreams.
These people gave me advice never to give up because, if I gave up, that means, I have lost everything. All these people and pieces of advice became a push me in achieving academic excellence.

I believed that to become someone in life, you have to face many challenges. Sincerely, I faced a lot but I didn’t fall for all these challenges. At some times, I shed tears and thought of why I was facing all this. Why me? I cheered up and moved on. In life’s journey, it is bound to happen. I was depressed but I came out of it so that it does not weigh me down.

All the challenges became sources of motivation in achieving academic excellence and to my surprise I achieved it.

As a budding communication expert, what specific areas or aspects of communication do you find most fascinating and why?

I find all areas of communication fascinating because, as a communication expert, I should be familiar with and make use of all the areas or aspects as a matter of necessity.

Every area of communication is expedient for a communication expert. I might even be invited to a gathering to pass information to the audience. My primary assignment firstly, is to understand which of the aspects of communication should I adopt in passing my information. Depending on the audience, I must survey and conclude that oral communication should be adopted. I will make use of spoken words to communicate.

It might also be non-verbal communication, which means, I will make use of gestures, signs, body language, et cetera, to communicate to the audience. In a different aspect, it might be written communication. That means, my information or message would be in black-and-white (writing) format. And at the same time, it can be through the use of visuals to communicate to my audience (graphics, illustration, arts and designs, etc).

So, as a communication expert, I must be able to use all these aspects of communication effectively where it is needed to avoid noise in communication.

How do you envision making a positive impact on your students’ lives through your teaching?

I will make use of my experience as a student to achieve academic excellence.
I will try to inculcate the habit of hard work and relentless efforts in achieving academic excellence in them.
I will try to teach them how to overcome and stay focused and determined in facing challenges.I will also try to explain what works and what never works to prepare them ahead.I will make a great effort to teach them all that I know will impact them and help them to achieve their goals.

Throughout your academic journey, which experiences or mentors have been most influential in shaping your communication skills and teaching philosophy?

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Where should I even start? I have many mentors and experiences.

Odedele Temilade Shakespeare, my mentor. He is a graduate of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. He studied Mass Communication. He was an exceptional student when he was in school and thereafter, a tutor, teacher, public speaker, mentor and communication expert. He influenced my communication skills and teaching philosophy.

He is a fearless journalist. He motivated me to be M.A.D. (make an absolute difference) and lead my class and I did.

Ajayi Folaranmi Enigma is my great mentor. He is also a graduate of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. He studied Mass Communication. This man is an intellectual and a M.A.D. man. He has been a mentor and influencer for tons of students. His contribution to achieving academic excellence for students is unspeakable. He is a fearless broadcast journalist, a tutor, a teacher, a public speaker, a mentor, a communication expert, an academic, a professional and a certified writer. He is a great man. He has also influenced my communication skills and teaching philosophy.

In the same vein, Oyedele Sunday Easho, Olaniyi Ridwan Agbaye, Oyedibu Enoch Patriot and Olanrewaju Ridwan Scripturist. These people have been influencers and mentors to my communication skills and teaching philosophy. Thanks to them all. History will not forget them.

In what ways do you think your perspective as a dedicated student will enhance your ability to connect with your future students?

I think by not slumbering in achieving academic excellence in my academic journey and staying focused always. Doing what is needed to prepare me for the future (now and beyond) and more will enhance my ability to connect with my future students.

As a graphic designer, what led you to focus on creating designs that can significantly increase sales for your clients?

As a graphic designer, I understand that I am a problem solver. Many businesses are out there that are having low sales, maybe due to how they are positioned, the activities of competitors, or unclear the target audience. Amidst all these, I solve the problems by creating a compelling and attractive design for them that will give their business high visibility and 10× their sales. So, in short, I provide a solution for business owners that have problems with sales by helping them to create attention-grabbing designs at affordable prices.

As a writer, how do you research and prepare your articles to ensure they are well-received and impactful?

People don’t consume an article that lacks clarity in theme and points, organisations, full of errors, and ambiguities.

So, as a writer, I go the extra mile in researching a subject matter and understanding it. I will sit down and pour out my points based on the background knowledge of the theme. I will write and organise it coherently, and make use of appropriate grammar. If I took all these steps, my article would be well-received and impactful.

How do you balance your roles as a graphic designer and a writer? Do these aspects of your work intersect in any way?

I will say yes, they intersect. As a graphic designer, you need copywriting. Writing skills will help your graphic skill.

When I am done with designing a particular design, I always go to my social media handles (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn) and post these designs. I don’t go there just to post the pictures or images, I write alongside the design.

This will sell my brand to the audience that needs my services. Through copywriting, they will know the type of design I have done and perhaps need that type of design.

So, writing and graphic skills go together.

As you continue to grow in your career, do you have any plans to expand your expertise in other areas or industries? Yes. I am looking forward to acquiring expertise in photography, videography, public speaking, and more. For they go in line with my career.

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