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Igniting a Transformation: The RIAH Education Summit Calls for Change in Nigeria’s Education System

Scheduled to take place on June 22nd and 23rd, 2023, at The Zone Gbagada and Lagos SUBEB Maryland respectively, this summit will serve as a platform for educators, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders to reflect on the current education system and reimagine a more inclusive and equitable system for all.
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Unveiling Africa Foundation and Teach For Nigeria in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Education is proud to announce the upcoming Re-Rooting in African History (RIAH) Education Summit, a pivotal event aimed at revolutionising Nigeria’s education system by infusing African-centered perspectives into teaching and learning.

Scheduled to take place on June 22nd and 23rd, 2023, at The Zone Gbagada and Lagos SUBEB Maryland respectively, this summit will serve as a platform for educators, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders to reflect on the current education system and reimagine a more inclusive and equitable system for all.

The Need for Change

While Nigeria’s education system has made significant strides in expanding access to basic education, it continues to grapple with the incorporation of African-centered and historical perspectives in teaching and learning. As a consequence, countless Nigerian children are being deprived of a holistic education that nurtures their cultural identity, self-esteem, and ability to contribute uniquely to society.

Undergirding the summit is the position that academic advancement and cultural education are not in opposition to each other and should not be deemed mutually exclusive. The summit is advancing the position that indigenous knowledge systems and African-centered perspectives should form the basis for Africa’s education system and that Africa’s unique contribution to the ever-changing world is its knowledge, history, and perspective. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that children do much better academically when taught in a culturally responsive and relevant way.

To this end, this summit calls for a broader conception of schooling success in Nigeria. For education to play a transformative role in Nigerian and global society, the education system needs to be repositioned to ensure students are simultaneously academically excellent,culturally grounded, critically conscious, and values-driven.

The Re-Rooting in African History Education initiative foregrounds teachers as critical actors in transforming student experiences and redirecting student outcomes. The summit is an ice breaker into a much-needed conversation on the impetus for pre service and in-service teachers to be equipped with the skills, perspectives, and knowledge they require to infuse an African-centered perspective into teaching and learning. To achieve this, changes across the teacher education and schooling ecosystem are required.

Accordingly, the summit will feature a cross-section of education stakeholders that includes students, teachers, policymakers from NERDC, TRCN, NTI, NCCE, practitioners, researchers,and the diaspora community. The keynote speakers include Prof. George Dei and Dr. Utheri and Engr. Oku Kanayo. Prof. Dei is a leading scholar in anti-racism and the forerunner of the first publicly funded Afrocentric school in Toronto. Dr. Utheri and Engr. Oku Kanayo is the Co-Founders of Children in Freedom School, Kenya which is the first Afrocentric school in East Africa. Beyond theoretical and policy reflections on June 22, the second day of the summit is hands-on workshop that will support teachers and school leaders in practicalizing African-centered approaches within their schooling context. In so doing, the summit will foster consensus on African-centered teaching and learning, facilitate cross-jurisdictional learning, and empower practitioners actively integrate decolonial approaches into their educational practices.

The RIAH Education Summit

The RIAH Education Summit 2023 is a groundbreaking initiative designed for those dedicated to improving student outcomes, unleashing the power of history and culturally relevant perspectives, and fostering inclusive and equitable educational reform. This year’s summit is
organized in partnership with Teach For Nigeria a non-profit organization that recruits and places Nigeria’s most promising future leaders from across varied rounds and disciplines to teach in underserved communities to expand educational and life opportunities for all children in Nigeria

Key Summit Objectives
● Mobilize diverse education stakeholders to recognize the importance and relevance of
African-centered perspectives in Nigerian education.
● Develop a shared understanding and consensus on African-centered teaching and
learning within the Nigerian schooling context.
● Facilitate cross-jurisdictional learning by showcasing the impact of African-centered
teaching and learning on student outcomes and societal change.
● Connect and empower educators, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners who are
championing decolonial approaches in education.
● Foster co-creation by providing a platform for participants to share experiences,
contribute to proposed interventions, and ideate towards the development of a blueprint
for transformative, multisectoral actions.
● Lay the groundwork for a 10 years strategic plan for facilitating the transformation of
Nigeria’s education system.

Join the Movement

The journey towards improving student outcomes through the infusion of African-centered perspectives requires a collective effort and long-term commitment from multiple stakeholders.

The RIAH Education Summit is your opportunity to take the first significant step towards shaping a new, inclusive, and culturally responsive education system in Nigeria.

riah Speakers 1
Meet the Speakers

To participate in this transformative event, register for the RIAH Education Summit now by visiting the link to secure your spot today.

For sponsorship opportunities or inquiries, please contact us at +234 816 071 1928 or +234 706 069 5538.
Together, let us forge a better future for Nigeria through transformative education. Join us at the RIAH Education Summit and be a catalyst for change. Come, let’s think together and make it work!

About Unveiling Africa Foundation:Unveiling Africa is a non-profit organization founded in Canada with a bold mission to empower African youth in the diaspora and on the continent. Our vision is to contribute to the development of Africa by equipping its youth with the knowledge, skills, and pride needed to create lasting change in their communities. Since our inception, Unveiling Africa Foundation has been dedicated to providing a platform for African teenagers and youth to acquire the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to make a positive impact. We firmly believe that sustainable development starts with empowering individuals to embrace their identity, heritage, and unique history. At Unveiling Africa, we understand that Africa’s progress relies on liberating minds from the mental shackles of oppression and connecting with our rich cultural heritage. We are committed to training and equipping Africans, both on the continent and in the diaspora, to address the pressing socio-economic challenges that hinder progress. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to foster a sense of pride and self-worth among African youth. We provide access to quality education, mentorship, leadership development,and community service opportunities, enabling young Africans to become catalysts for positive change.

About Teach for Nigeria

Teach For Nigeria is a non-profit organization focused on enlisting Nigeria’s most promising future leaders to transform education and life opportunities for all children in Nigeria. The initiative is part of the global Teach For All network of over 45 independent partners, working to increase and accelerate the impact of social enterprises that are cultivating the leadership necessary to ensure that “One day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.”
For more information, please visit:

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